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#0 August 24th, 13:38

How does first person shooters and multiplayer online battle arena games run on Snoost

Hi Snoosters

I just wanted an insight into your experience with the performance of first person shooters such as CS:GO, Call of Duty etc. as well as MOBA games such as LoL and Dota.

Personally I have played Dota on Snoost without any form of noticable delay, latency or the like. I do not own any of the other games, so I would like your opinion on how they run.

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#1 August 25th, 06:23
Personally speaking, out of first person shooters i only played overwatch and it ran great even on epic settings, but the aiming does feel off even with my low ping (~30ms), but i was able to tweak it enough so that it feels right. I also played max payne 3 and it ran great maxed out had no problems with it whatsoever.

PS: Can someone contact me about an annoying bug with billing that i can recreate (might be a problem on my end not sure yet).

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#2 August 25th, 10:23
Hi Fanheavy.

Thanks for the reply. Were the Overwatch tweaks advanced?

We are aware of an bug with billing and working on it, though I do not know about your specific issue. Have you sent an email to billing @

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#3 August 25th, 19:42
@Leed No advanced tweaks just messing with the in game sensitivity.

PS: Was contacted by Rune about the problem no worries.

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