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#0 August 27th, 20:45

Unable to remove or update credit card

Hi there, I added a credit card to my account so I could start the 3 day trial for the service and I haven't been able to properly use it since. The service is saying the card was declined. Originally I added my card just to start the 3 day trial and remove it so I don't get charged after it's expired but it seems removing my card has broken my account and I have no access to the trial at all after re-adding my card.

All I can see under my account details is this

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#1 August 28th, 01:26
Been having the same problem, i contacted support and they told me they are working on a fix, not sure what to do in the meantime. Oh yea, this is caused by clicking the button more then one time a pretty stupid bug hopefully fixed soon.

#2 August 29th, 15:37
Apologies for the delay - this issue has now been fixed. If it still shows up (without the ability to add the payment methods), just refresh the browser and it should work again.

#3 August 29th, 16:40
@RuneDalton Thanks, this was so annoying.

#4 September 4th, 06:56
It just happened to me right now. Is there any fix to it?

#5 September 4th, 08:11
@Carat1 Did you try to reload the browser as per above suggestion?

#6 September 4th, 08:15
Yes, it keeps saying my credit card is declined. I even tried my friend's credit card and it still didn't work.

#7 September 4th, 11:57
That's a different issue then. :-) Could I ask you to send us an email? Then we'll investigate if there's a problem validating your card, and what it might be.

#8 September 6th, 18:51
@RuneDalton hi please i have the same problem

#9 September 7th, 11:07
@xkokoxxd If you have already tried reloading the browser as per above suggestion, then please email [email protected] If is a matter of card validation your card information should be private and therefore handled by email.

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Showing 1-9 of 9 comments