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#0 August 21st, 21:37

Rust issues

So, i tried playing Rust and it ended badly whenever i almost loaded into a server it got a EAC Disconnected message now when my friend tried it... it worked fine how can that be -.-

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#1 August 22nd, 12:23
Seems to be happening mostly on West Europe

#2 August 22nd, 19:28
Did you get disconnected from Snoost, or from the Rust server?

#3 August 23rd, 09:38
The Rust servers

#4 August 23rd, 11:31
That's odd. I don't suppose you're connecting from the same account?

Do you remember if both you and your friend were connected to the same cloud gaming region for Snoost?

#5 August 23rd, 12:12
No we weren't he was in central europe i was in west which is how i found out it was cause of the region

#6 August 23rd, 15:44
Since we can't know for sure which factors Rust look at for anti-cheat measures, it is difficult to troubleshoot the issue. It could be anything related to your account (since your friend's session worked just fine) or something else. I do not believe however, that it is related to which region you get connected to, since the servers in each region are identical in their setup.

Showing 1-6 of 6 comments