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#0 August 21st, 16:01

First try and suspended?

Made an account and it says immediately that i am suspended as soon as i try to launch

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#1 August 21st, 16:14
Sometimes, if multiple users connect near simultaneously from the same IP address, the system may block one of the attempts. If you try again after a short wait, it should work just fine. :-)

#2 August 21st, 16:45
We wanted to try from the same office - but if we cant play if we are sitting together, the service makes no sense :S

#3 August 21st, 17:15
You should be able to. :) I think it might just have been a slight delay in the starting of one of the rigs, which caused it to wait a bit longer due to it being the same IP address. We have lowered the value now, so it should be more cooperative. :)

Showing 1-3 of 3 comments