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#0 August 27th, 09:22

Status: Saving

I've been getting Status: Saving for the past 2 days of my free trial. Did I do something wrong? I exited the cloud rig by closing the window then turned it on the next day to see this. Was I supposed to shut it down like a normal computer?

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#1 August 27th, 10:46
It was suppose to shutdown normaly. Did you try to open 2 instances of the extension, sometimes this can be used to bypass problems like this. Otherwise contact support, or wait for a response from a member of the snoost team.

#2 August 27th, 10:47
Accidental double post. Sorry.

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#3 August 28th, 01:19
um i don't think me contacting support would make a difference because i saw a lot of posts about this and i'm surprised that it's not solved yet. 3 days of my trial have already passed and my credit card was probably already charged. i have no problem paying for this if this gets fixed.

#4 August 28th, 18:23
We are working on an update which will address the issue where it stalls during saving of the cloud rig. This is data persistence improvements we are currently developing, however we may release the updates separately to more quickly rush out the fix for the stalling during "Saving".

#5 September 1st, 06:20
Was the Status: Saving problem fixed? If not, I'd like to share an alternative way on how I fixed it.

#6 September 1st, 12:20
Was the Status: Saving problem fixed? If not, I'd like to share an alternative way on how I fixed it. - Carat1
We are still working on the issue for an upcoming update. If you know of any ways other cloud gaming users can fix it themselves (until we finish the update), please do share it. :-)

#7 September 2nd, 01:46
Well after a while of using it, I noticed something. If it's on Status: Saving for too long, there's a chance that the computer isn't shutting down. What I did to fix this is have 2 Snoost windows up (One on windows and one at the main screen). Shut down the computer first by clicking on the windows button, then clicking the power button, then clicking shut down. I chose the option "Other (Planned)." Then on the other Snoost window, I clicked Power off. It usually powers off under 5 minutes for me.

Showing 1-7 of 7 comments