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#0 July 16th, 13:39

Stuck "Status: Saving" since yesterday

Yesterday, reported that I got "Status: Saving" just after "Updating Steam" finished loading.

Now, I'm still stuck with this ongoing issue and nothing I can do about it.

UPDATE 2: Wipe solved the issue (hopefully)

UPDATE: I seem to get "Status: Saving" 1 out of 2 logins, mostly during evenings - CET timezone. I cannot even reach the app dashboard. As soon as storage finished loading and move to Updating Steam I then get "Status: Saving"

When in "Saving" mode I can see that I'm still connected to the datacenter, while my Rig is offline. I need to wait + 6h for the problems to disappear.

Due to the high waiting time, it's hard to see if the Rig even turns online.

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#1 July 16th, 18:48
Managed to get in after around 20 hours. Servers were all green during all this time.

#2 July 16th, 20:20
@GoldBuck Ouch. Whenever my client gets stuck on a specific status for too long, I just right click on the icon in taskbar and select "Snoost cloud gaming" to open a new instance. 80% of the time, the new instance will have a new status showing, at which point I close the old window.

#3 July 18th, 14:23
Tested the service from work. Again, after hanging at "Updating: Steam" I get stuck in "Status: Saving". Hope not for the next 24h again.

Even though all servers were online, I was moved to Western Europe (+80ms ping).

#4 July 18th, 20:12
Still stuck on "saving". Server not changing to closest upon reconnect. Snoost getting useless game review feature.

#5 July 23rd, 00:31
Getting this too now. Restarted client as well as my computer.

#6 July 23rd, 21:25
@goldbuck are we the only ones that are running to this issue?

You guys should have the option to be able to delete the rig and rebuild a new one or force a restart.

#7 July 23rd, 21:32
Didn't see this thread so started my own, same problem - Where is RuneDalton to answer the questions ????

#8 July 23rd, 21:39
Sorry for the late response, didn't received any notification on this thread. @runedalton did reply to my tech-support email and said they are looking into adding additional Rig control functions - especially options for shutting down the Rig. Also, issue is being monitored.

No dates/timelines though.

#9 July 23rd, 21:57
@goldbuck Thanks for the update - an idea how to get out of the status saving? and whilst I am asking questions any idea as to why the Z drive should delete content, i have signed up for an account now as I read one thread that it seemed to cure the issue, but as I am stick in Satus Saving I have no idea as to whether the Z drive has now kept the saved games? Thanks again for any help

#10 July 23rd, 22:26
Sorry. Wish I could help you regarding "Status: Saving" problem other than tell you to wait few hours. Hope the a Rig force shut down problem will help fix this loading loops.

#11 July 23rd, 22:38
You still stuck in a loop too? I am also a subscriber.

#12 July 23rd, 22:40
Also just for FYI, I am in the US west data center

#13 July 23rd, 23:09
@sid67 - Yes been stuck in the loop for over 6 hours now, tried everything to get out of it, im on western Europe.

#14 July 23rd, 23:14
@marklloyd - Yep, sorry bro, its going to keep doing that. It will eventually shut down, but after you start it up again. it will continue up to the "updating Steam" part then back to saving.

#15 July 23rd, 23:40
@sid67 - Any idea as to what is causing it prehaps @runedalton could let us know ??

#16 July 23rd, 23:51
@marklloyd - Sorry, I did everything I could on my end, but it will most likely come down to rebuilding our "rigs" Unfortunately like @goldbuck says, they are monitoring it and adding more controls, but what sucks is there is no time table. As a subscriber, we should get some type of workaround for now. Meaning they will delete it for us, or restart the system for us. Something to that effect would be good so at least we can start using it again instead of losing a few days. BUT, yes, it is still in alpha so I cannot blame them for the mishaps, but would expect them to be more responsive in these early ages, especially with already paying customers. Customers are their life blood and tech is not cheap otherwise we all would have our own dedicated SLI 1080Ti computers. :)

#17 July 24th, 00:09
@sid67 - agree completely, I am a subscriber and whilst I do accept that this is Alpha, they have known about the Z drive saving problem since at least June 27th, although it seems to only affect trail free period, i have since become a subscriber before once again loading my games into nonsteam file, however cant get back into rig remote windows to see if its actually kept the games intact due to Status:saving !! very very frustrating, and would have thought they would have at least put out some sort of guidence on the matter. Hopefully they will read this thread and respond ASAP

#18 July 24th, 00:27
@marklloyd - At least you were able to get into the trial, I kept getting the "latency to high" message. I actually had to subscribe to finally test it out. I did have missing games in the beginning as well, but it does seem it cleared up, but still, need to do some testing to make sure it did clear up. Unfortunately like you, can't get in due to this "saving" issue. Hopefully, they are working on it now to clear this up. I'm sure we are not the only ones now. Would be nice to get some sort of status. I sent emails to their tech email address and no response whatsoever.

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#19 July 24th, 12:19
Status: Saving problem came back after the client was stuck loading for 40mins - at the end was stuck at Updating:Steam.

Hope my membership is cancelled. Don't have high hopes for 1-2 man dev team with other 4-5 website projects. They seem to have a big improvement per month.

#20 July 24th, 17:15
We're doing our best to address the "saving issue" reported by some users, including making some changes to how Steam is loaded, in order to speed up the startup times for all cloud rigs.

We will post more details when an update is around the corner. Thanks for the feedback guys! :-)

#21 July 27th, 20:58
Details updated. Still hard to reproduce the cause.

Any chance you can simply wipe my Rigs/storage in hope for a fix?

#22 July 28th, 14:08
Details updated. Still hard to reproduce the cause.

Any chance you can simply wipe my Rigs/storage in hope for a fix? - GoldBuck
Of course :-) Could I ask you to send us an e-mail, then we'll get it done as soon as possible. :)

#23 August 1st, 14:03
Since wipe, I'm problem free - knock on wood. Still I got to install anything on my Rig.

#24 August 2nd, 17:42
@GoldBuck We're glad it's working for you now. :) Also, we cannot wait to finish the upcoming update to improve the data persistency even further.

Enjoy playing! :)

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