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By , September 11th, 07:30

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Best city building game I have ever played

I have been a long time fan of sim games, I have played everything from the original Sim Tower series though to the latest Sim City and loved them all, having never ventured outside of the Maxis/EA franchise until Cities:Skylines I wasn't sure what to expect after all the developer is new to me and they are attempting to jump into a gaming genre I already know and love and one that is well established within the Maxis/EA world.

First things first, the layout may not appear as polished as SimCity users may be used to and the game initially appears to me somewhat lacking in production value.. but don't let that put you off this is a game that starts off small and gets BIG.

I began simply building a small city and getting to know the controls and layouts etc and they are not all that dissimilar from what I was used to with the SimCity series. But this game builds on that and gives you many many more options for zoning and construction in comparison. Initially i felt like this would be easy pickens for me giving how used to this genre I am but the difficulty level in Cities:Skylines is completely different. The complexity is immediately apparent when attempting to provide power and water for your city which involves a considerable amount more planning and work than just plotting down a power plant.

It all pays off though because just when you feel like your getting somewhere you realize you have barely scratched the surface on what this game has to offer and how many hours you will spend just reaching for that perfect design and expanding upon what you have already built to create the ultimate city.

The game itself is fairly demanding what ran fluently with zero issues on snoost. This is a game I purchased and could only play on low up until today.

If you are interested in strategy and love sim games then Cities:Skylines may be the best one yet.