Simply put, because Snoost Cloud Gaming allows you play the newest games on any machine without having to invest in new hardware.

Snoost was developed by gamers to solve a range of well known problems for gamers. Cloud gaming can provide solutions to major problems such as:

  1. Your PC not being able to play a game since it does not meet the game's minimum system requirements. Play any game on any computer.
  2. Your PC not running a game to your visual satisfaction or with high enough FPS. Play any game on any quality settings at 60 FPS.
  3. Your PC having an incompatible operating system, such as a Mac or Linux not being able to run certain games. Play any game on any operating system.
  4. If you lack the economy- or are reluctant to invest in new, required hardware to solve the above problems. You can rent at a monthly instead of buying.

There is no more need to buy a new PC in order to keep up with the ever increasing demands on hardware. Do you want to play that new hyped game, but lack the hardware? No problem, play it on your old dusty computer by streaming the game over the internet. Tired of 25 FPS on low graphic settings? No problem, play it on ultra high graphics and enjoy the game properly as the developers meant for it to be experienced.

For MacOS, Linux or ChromeOS users, Snoosts also allows you to bypass many games' requirement for Windows compatibility, since our Chrome extension runs on all four major operating systems, and gives access to running the game in the cloud on high performance windows servers.

Snoost thus serves as an alternative to upgrading hardware by allowing gamers to rent a cloud PC1 for a monthly fee instead of investing a vast amount of money in a new gaming rig. Of course, we still offer unlimited game time.

  1. Read more about our prices and subscription 

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