The best gaming PC of the year is located online, because cloud gaming allows any outdated PC (even a Mac, Linux or Chromebook) to run any game on ultra settings. And you don't have to pay thousands of dollars for it, you just rent it monthly.

Why should I use Snoost cloud gaming? Because cloud gaming can solve your problem

Cloud gaming offers a solution to a lot of common gamer problems such as:

  1. Most gamers with an older PC know the anxious feeling whenever a new AAA game is released if they will be able to meet the minimum system requirements.

  2. And if the PC barely passes the test, the next worry is whether the game will ultimately result in a a laggy experience even on the lowest game settings.

  3. For Mac, Linux or Chromebook owners there is also the fact that a lot of games are released unavailable for their operating system.

  4. The above problems all relate to the same dreaded moment when you realize that you have to make that massive investment in new hardware just to play that new game you are desperate to try out.

If you can relate to any of these problems, then you will be happy to know that Snoost dissolves these worries because:

  1. With Snoost cloud gaming any outdated PC can run any PC game.
  2. Our up-to-date hardware allows you to run games at the settings you want at 60 FPS.
  3. Our client allows you to play any game even on a Mac, Linux or Chromebook.
  4. You rent hardware on a monthly basis instead of buying it.

Read more about each below.

Why can my outdated PC run any game? How does cloud gaming work?

To keep it simple, cloud gaming utilizes the internet in order to take all the workload of your own computer.

You connect to an online PC provided by Amazon with top of the line hardware that runs the game for you, and your own monitor is merely a stream of what the online PC does. Of course you still control everything from your local PC.

The basic order of things is:

Input (keyboard commands etc.) from own PC → Cloud PC executes command → Your monitor streams that action.

So what you basically experience is a live, interactive stream that you control from your own PC. And just as Netflix streams as well on an old as well as a new PC, the case is the same for cloud gaming.

Of course, all this happens faster than the blink of an eye, so you will feel that your own PC is actually running the game.

The reason you can run the games on Mac, Linux and Chromebook is because the cloud PC you connect to runs Windows. And since our client runs on Mac, Linux and Chromebook, these operating systems will have access to the online PC as well.

If you are interested in a more in-depth description of how cloud gaming works or the advantages of using it, read our comprehensive guide on cloud gaming

What seperates Snoost from other cloud gaming services?

Snoost's attempt at being the best cloud gaming service of 2017 and onward lies in our focus on unlimited gaming time combined with price flexibility.

We do not believe in setting a limit on game time for our users, so we maintain unlimited hours of gaming on all of our subscription plans. Instead, we have made prices flexible by offering three different subscription plans with different streaming resolutions and prices.

Play any game you own digitally

We do not feel that our users should have to pay for licenses on games they might not even play, so we let it be up to our users which games they want to play.

Therefore, Snoost allows you play any game you own digitally.

Cloud gaming requirements

Since cloud gaming utilizes the internet, what you need is a solid, stable internet connection to maintain an optimal experience. Moreover, proximity to our servers obviously also matters.

Check out our recommendations for internet speed as well as our current server locations.

Besides that, the only thing you need is our Google Chrome extension, so you only need to download the free Google Chrome browser to run the Snoost cloud gaming client.

Free cloud gaming trial

Unfortunately we cannot offer a free cloud gaming service, but we do offer a free 3-day trial where you can try out our service. You can sign up for the trial here.

During the trial you will have the same priviledges of a subscribed user. This means you will also have unlimited game time and be able to switch between our three plans to help you determine which one you potentially want to subscribe to.

While the trial is completely free, you will still be asked to register a credit card. This it to prevent fraud and have unfortunately proved itself necessary.

At any point during the trial you can remove your credit card information and still finish the trial. Do note, however, that you will automatically subscribe if you do not remove your credit card information before the end of the trial.

Note: Snoost is still in alpha

Snoost is currently in its alpha stage and is therefore a work in progress. Snoost is still heavily in development by gamers such as you, and will be updated regularly with new features and improvements.

This also means that you have a chance to shape the product. Everyone working on Snoost constantly check our forums for feature suggestions etc., so please don't hesitate suggesting anything you might feel would enhance the cloud gaming experience, then we will do everything we can to seriously consider the proposal and implement the feature - especially if we can see that your feature request gains a significant amount of support from other users.