Snoost is a cloud gaming service (currently in Alpha), built around existing services (such as Steam In-Home Streaming), which enables you to play any game you own over the air.

This means that your own computer's performance is unaffected - as it just has to stream a video rather than run the actual game - allowing you to play without having any significant impact on your battery, heating or fans.

When you turn on your cloud gaming Rig, Snoost will automatically launch your Rig at the nearest datacenter to ensure that you have the lowest possible ping time, thus smallest input delay from your mouse and keyboard.

By simply logging in to Steam, you will have full access to the entire video game library on your Steam account and can install & stream any of those games directly from the cloud.

Remember, Snoost is still heavily in development by gamers such as you, and will be updated regularly with new features and improvements. And everyone working on Snoost constantly check forums (such as Reddit) for feature suggestions etc., so please don't hesitate suggesting anything you might feel would enhance the cloud gaming experience on a public forum, then we will do everything we can to seriously consider the proposal and implement the feature - especially if we can see that your feature request gains a significant amount of support from other users.