This page has been deprecated as the latest version of Snoost is now running natively on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Easy installation

After downloading the extension, simply go to chrome://extensions/ in your Chrome browser's address bar and drag and drop the downloaded file onto the chrome://extensions/ tab.

Launch the extension

After installing the Snoost Cloud Gaming extension for Google Chrome, you can just open the extension1 and sign in to your Snoost account.

Alternatively, you can sign in to Snoost first, and then launch the installed extension from there.

For further assistance or if you run into issues with the installation, please refer to our extensive help center which provide extensive support documents and may help you troubleshoot your issue.

  1. The "open extension" link will only work if the Chrome extension has been properly installed. If the extension is not yet installed, or you are trying to open it from a non-Chrome browser, the page will just refresh.