This page has been deprecated as the latest version of Snoost is now running natively on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Snoost Connect Client

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Unlimited hours of gaming.

Play on any computer.

One App to connect.

Snoost Connect is a native App which connects your computer to your Cloud Gaming Rig, so that you can stream your video games with minimal latency.

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All you need is a Client

To make Snoost work all you really need, besides a solid internet connection and any laptop or stationary computer, is to install the Snoost Connect client which will allow your computer to connect to your Cloud Gaming Rig over the air.

Join the Experience

Become part of the movement and make cloud gaming a reality, by engaging with the community and play your games without the need of expensive hardware.

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Available on PC, Mac & Linux

Don't ever worry about whether the game of your dreams is compatible with your Mac or Linux computer, as your cloud gaming server on Snoost runs Windows and thus enables you to run any Windows compatible game, even on MacOS or a recent version of Linux Ubuntu.

Stream your favourite game

Almost any game can run perfectly well on your Cloud Gaming Rig, allowing you to play your favourite game over the air and play it from your laptop, stationary PC, Mac or Linux computer.

A great way to experience a new game you have always wanted to play, without having to invest in new hardware to do so.

Play anywhere with internet

Snoost eliminates the need for you to always be at your home or stationary PC, as you can stream your video games from our cloud gaming servers from anywhere you like, as long as the internet connection at your location is sufficient (> 15 MB/s is recommended) and you have a laptop or tablet running Windows, MacOS or Linux with you.