Dear valued gamer,

Since we launched the alpha version of Snoost, we have received a tremendous amount of priceless feedback from gamers all over the world.

You have helped us test all kinds of aspects on the platform and we’re really thankful for that.

To push Snoost forward to the next level in the best and fastest possible way, we’ve decided to gather all resources focusing 100% on this journey.

For this reason, our service will not be available in the meantime. All active members will of course be able to take full advantage of their membership, until the coming billig period.

As an active or former Snoost-gamer, we will email you as soon as we have any news about the new version.

Not yet tried out Snoost and want to be one of the first for the next version?

Throw your email and we will give you a heads-up, when we have any news for you.

Thanks again - the Snoost team