A much improved version of Snoost gets released today, with 100 % more storage than before, faster loading times and new implementations to the client, allowing users to monitor and keep track of some of the mechanics going on behind-the-scenes of each cloud gaming server.

The update will be propagated to all active regions throughout today, and automatically applies to all cloud rigs free of char once the new version is ready in your location.

Improvements to the cloud gaming experience

As with any update, this one brings several improvements to the cloud gaming platform. This in particular does however also add a few major upgrades, including more than twice the amount of storage to every user, as well as much faster loading and startup times, with improved transparency so users may keep track of what's going on during the startup of one's cloud gaming server.

Upgraded storage

One of the many things which sets Snoost apart and gives users of Snoost more freedom, is the "no restrictions" policy, which allows players to install almost any game they own onto their cloud gaming computer, and stream that give with minimal latency to their local device. However, while the vast majority of games take up no more than 10-30 gigabytes of space, there are games which require more than 60 gigabytes as well as games with large and active modding communities, which further increases the required storage requirement, since add-ons, DLCs and mods can take up even more space.

Therefore, the cloud gaming platform on Snoost is being upgraded to offer 100 % more storage capacity, up from 60 GB to 120 GB of available disk space to install games and additional downloadable content on. This enables our users to play games such as Doom 3, GTA V and even modding their installed games much more than previously.

Faster loading

Although almost every update we release somewhat improves the loading times of the cloud gaming servers, this update introduces the biggest improvement to loading times to this date, and reduces the startup time for rigs with installed games of up to 8 minutes. We realise that the time it takes to load a game streaming server is a significant factor in the overall user experience, and we will continue to strive to improve the service in this area as we move on.

Faster loading

The loading time is something we will constantly be working on to improve in the future, and we are very optimistic about our ability to reduce the startup time even further.

Updated client

The new version is also implementing some changes to the cloud gaming client, which primarily makes the startup process more transparent by displaying detailed information about what is going on during loading of the games (even shows the actual progress of how much has been loaded so far), as well as how far the overall configuration is.

There has also been introduced several minor design adjustments, all of which enhance the user-experience or make features clearer or easier to understand.

Resolution support

As requested by a number of users, the cloud gaming server's resolution sometimes need to be adjusted (to a higher resolution) manually, in order to enable certain resolutions in some games. As most users ideally would prefer their resolutions to be above 720p, we have now set the default resolution on the cloud gaming servers to 1600x900, so that the display and video settings in the games' preferences will now have better native support for higher width and height settings for the in-game resolution.

Naturally, we will continue to optimize this in the future, as we learn more about the games and how users use Snoost cloud gaming and which settings are used most frequently.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this update, and cannot wait to see which new games our users choose to play with the upgraded storage.