As a member of Snoost you can now earn several achievements which may be showcased wherever you are active on the forums, reviews or anywhere else in the Snoost community.

Each achievement triggers a specific reward, which will automatically be applied to your Snoost account once earned. As soon as the achievements have been unlocked, users can click on one of the earned titles to use this title everywhere on the community, and these titles will also be represented along with a star rating to emphasise the level of the achievement required to earn the community title.

These achievements all reward free gaming time on Snoost cloud gaming, and can be earned by meeting the specified criteria.

The achievements reward users when they are particularly helpful in the troubleshooting forum, social in the off-topic forum, enthusiastic in the gaming forum, productive in writing game reviews or just contributes in general to the cloud gaming community.

List of achievements and titles

Below is a list of the titles you may earn during your time as a member of the cloud gaming community. Most of the Snoost users have already earned a few of these achievements, from writing reviews or participating in the discussions, and these have automatically been applied to their respective accounts.Community achievements

Please note that more achievements will be added in the future, so stay tuned to learn more when we release them.

Interface updates to community

The community and forums in general receive some major overhauls in the design and layout, now offering even better functionality and of course the new implementation of titles and achievements throughout the discussion boards and user profiles. Once signed in, users will now see a much more streamlined profile box in the top right corner, giving easy access to subscribed threads and the new achievement page which lists the user's earned achievements, and allows the user to select one of the available titles to use when posting on the cloud gaming forums.

Titles and achievements

Community implementation in Chrome client

While the website has received several design changes, the cloud gaming client has also gotten a facelift to integrate some of the community features, to enable easy access to threads, writing reviews and creating new discussions. Mainly this new implementation gives users a great overview of the latest posts, without having to navigate away from the game streaming client. The new version of the Chrome client is available as of today, and users may download it whenever they want to upgrade. The new version also comes with a few bug fixes, so it is (as always) highly recommended to proceed to update the client.

Client community box

This is the window users see upon opening the Snoost client, and the loading of latest forum posts from the cloud gaming community will be initiated immediately.

Client community client 1

Hovering the cursor over the community area to the right, will load the modal with the latest threads and a few controls to quickly navigate around in the community, or starting a new thread etc.

Client community client 2

We hope you like the updates to the community, and are looking forward to reading more of the awesome game reviews and discussions being submitted.

See you in the discussions!