After a successful launch of the Cloud Gaming Community, Snoost is launching user based game reviews for all community members.

As part of a planned community integration, Snoost is starting to roll out new community based features. The first of these is the game review section, which (albeit small for now) will allow users of the cloud gaming service to review any PC game of their choosing. Reviews will be featured on the forum, as well as the individual product page of the video game, and will be implemented in future features for Snoost to improve a wide variety of community backed functionality, such as game recommendations, help and troubleshooting for specific games etc.

Users can rate games on a scale from 0 to 5 stars (including halves), and may supply as much content as needed, utilising the simple - yet powerful - Markdown formatting standard to style their posts1 (see review example here). Reviews longer than 400 words will get their own unique review page (and URL), enabling users to take full advantage of headlines and content formatting. Shorter reviews will feature in full on the product pages themselves.

Click here to review a game and publish it to other members of the community.

More updates to follow. Stay tuned and enjoy!

  1. Only reviews which feature more than 400 words be viewed with Markdown, and will receive their own single review page, with a game cover image etc.