All cloud gaming servers receive updated integration of several frameworks, including .NET, Direct3D and better support for Uplay based games.

After incredible feedback from the community, it was brought to our attention that some modern games (e.g. the Batman series) still rely on legacy .NET version, and have not (yet) been optimised for the newer version of the framework. We have therefore upgraded the .NET framework with backwards compatibility (2.0, 3.0 & 3.5) which significantly improves support for playing older PC games via the cloud gaming service.

Several popular games will immediately be affected with these changes, such as the Batman games and latest Civilization - both of which take advantage of the updated version of Direct3D - but also Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal, and other Ubisoft games, which benefit from the new .NET 3.5 compatibility. Furthermore, users playing Star Citizen (one of the most popular Non-Steam games being playing on Snoost) will also see improved performance when playing on ultra graphic settings.

The new frameworks and Uplay client files will be installed by default for all cloud rigs launched after this morning, and the immediate effects of games that depend on these technologies are either much faster installation or full compatibility.

Snoost also recently got upgraded to Windows Server 2016 and received enhanced support for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, fulfilling our goal to keep cloud gaming as available to major platforms as possible, including five of the most used internet browsers in the world.

Enjoy the improvements!