A minor update is being rolled out today, providing several fixes and minor changes to the cloud gaming platform. All users automatically gets the latest update, as soon as it has been synchronised to the respective region.

The latest version of the Chrome client can be downloaded here, and all other changes and improvements will be rolled out to all available locations throughout the day.

Game streaming patches

A number of patches are included in this update, fixing bugs behind the scenes as well as visually. Most prominent though, the known issues some users have been affected by - with pairing and connecting to their cloud gaming servers - have been addressed and should no longer produce the same headaches as before.

Stabilised loading and startup

Some users have recently experienced difficulties connecting to their cloud gaming servers, with error messages such as Pairing to cloud rig failed! or the Establishing connecting stalling before the client succeeds in showing the Windows icon. These issues have been addressed in today's update, although any feedback and active bug reporting is of course still highly appreciated, since each report (whether on email or elsewhere in the community) actively helps our efforts in development and bug fixing.

Updates to the Cloud Gaming client

As always, Snoost continues to update its browser client to enhance the user experience and functionality, and some of the more noticeable changes are listed below.

Sounds and other tweaks

As suggested on the forums the Snoost client will now play a sound notification when the cloud rig is ready to be accessed and to stream your games. There will also be other notifications, such as if an alert or warning is displayed, enabling users to comfortably keep the Snoost window in the background when it is installing or starting up the cloud gaming server.

Fetching of community updates

The client is now fetching updates from the official forum much more reliably, and will show updates in near real-time, so users may depend on the community box in the right side of the streaming client, to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest threads on the cloud gaming forums. Sidenote: The activity has been incredible, and we are really excited to see users engage in debates, reviews and - probably our favourite - providing feedback and bug reporting to the developers at Snoost, which has greatly helped us track down a number of issues, and thus fixing them.

Development update and upcoming improvements

The developers at Snoost are working day and night hard on some long awaited improvements, and these changes are getting closer and closer to seeing the light of day. Here's a few things the team at Snoost at currently looking closely at:

  • Storage
  • Data persistency
  • Startup time
  • Stream delivery
  • Backup procedure
  • Reduced queue times

Stay tuned to learn more about the upcoming upgrades as they are being finalised and estimated release dates get confirmed.