Dear gamers,

Snoost is finally out of the first alpha tests, and we are excited to open up this new cloud gaming experiment to the public. This means that you - as hardcore or casual gamer - will now be able to play any game from almost any kind of computer (including Windows, Mac & Linux), as long as your internet connection is solid and you own the game you want to play. No space will be used on your own computer.

If you think it sounds promising, then we have enabled a 3 day trial period so that you can freely test whether your internet connection is good enough. This enables you to test Snoost with a few games to see if the performance is smooth for you.

We know that you are probably going to ask, so we would like to get a few drawbacks out of the way;

  • We are limited by the speed of light, and thus cannot avoid a small input delay depending on how far you are from our closest cloud gaming servers. We have deployed cloud gaming servers in different places in Europe, as well as The United States, so the vast majority of users probably won't experience any noticeable lag.
  • It requires much more to stream and run a video game, than a simple movie. Therefore, Snoost will not work well on slow internet connections. If you have a slow internet connection, you could lower the streaming bitrate or even the streaming resolution (which may result in some pixelation), but an internet connect of about >15 MB/s is recommended.
  • We have made a desktop App to connect to the cloud server, which is required in order to play your games over the cloud.

For those who have been involved in Snoost, either as tester or developer, here's a big thanks too all the support we have gotten so far. We couldn't have done it without you, and are now looking forward to working with gamers in Europe and the US to make Snoost the best cloud gaming solution possible.

Made by gamers,built for gaming