Snoost cloud gaming servers are - as of today - running Windows Server 2016, adding enhanced security, new features and lots of new improvements to our users' cloud gaming experience.

We're upgrading all of the cloud rigs to Windows Server 2016, including updating several frameworks required to play many modern games, as well as ensuring backwards compatibility. In addition to these changes users will experience a variety of minor adjustments to the user interface, remote desktop, locale settings and much more.

This update has automatically been distributed to all datacenters across the US and Europe, and will be applied to all rigs launched today. The update has been prepared in advance and will not result in any additional waiting time or delay.

With Windows Server 2016 users can expect to see added security, bandwidth and an overall improvement to the stability of our cloud gaming servers, and the cloud gaming will now much closer resemble the full gaming experience of Windows 10, the latest version of the worlds most popular platform for PC games. Furthermore, the upgraded handling of gamedata installation should result in slightly faster loading of the Steam client as well as fast connection via Snoost Connect.

Thank you for the support, and enjoy the update.