Another "after-launch" update has just been released, and contains a number of bug fixes, improvements and changes to the user-interface.

One of the more notable changes is the remote desktop, which has been updated with more compatible width and height, enabling support for a broader scope of windows (such as the Origin installer, and Star Citizen launcher). The windows on the desktop should now no longer end up outside of the area/frame.

Furthermore, a lot of small upgrades to the automatic configuration of the individual rigs have been implemented as well. As always with most of these kind of updates, all users automatically benefit from them immediately upon release, and no action is required for them to be applied to your rig or account.

We are still seeing incredible feedback and the above updates only happen because a great many users have engaged with us through discussions, suggesting improvements and been keen to report any issues they might have had. A big thanks to everyone who's helping us make cloud gaming better!

Without further to do, we wish everyone a great cloud gaming experience!