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This is a thorough description and guide of how to play any PC game on any PC and potentially save money at the same time by utilizing a cloud gaming PC. This guide on cloud gaming can help PC gamers with: - How to play a game despite PC not m... Read more

(Updated) Guide to play Star Citizen on ANY computer

By Rune Dalton | in Guides | on August 26th, 2017

This guide will go through the few simple steps to install and play Star Citizen on practically any computer (Mac, Linux, Windows & Chromebooks) - as long as the internet connection is solid. Please note, that this is a revamped article based ... Read more
The headline sums up the three questions i most often hear when I tell people I work with Snoost cloud gaming. And I usually get the questions in that exact order as well. So in terms of the structure of this article, I guess we might as well look at... Read more
These days it is impossible not to see mentions of SD, HD, Full HD, 2k or even 4k in relation to either computer graphics, TV's, monitors or laptops. Most internet users have probably also seen 720p or 1080p as choices when streaming videos. What... Read more

How to play Star Citizen (ultra graphics) on Mac and Linux

By Rune Dalton | in Guides | on April 7th, 2017

This simple guide will go through the steps required to play Star Citizen on ultra graphics, even on a mediocre PC, Linux or Mac computer. (Updated): Please check out the (/blog/updated-guide-to-play-star-citizen-on-any-computer/) on how to play S... Read more

The best gaming PC this year is located in the cloud

By Lasse Leed | in Opinions | on April 1st, 2017

The best gaming PC this year is not physical, but located in the cloud. Cloud gaming offers gaming PCs of the highest end, and it offers a solution to the often asked questions: Can I run 'X' game?. Snoost Cloud Gaming keeps your PC up to date concur... Read more

How to play any game on any computer

By Rune Dalton | in Guides | on March 9th, 2017

If you own a PC with either Windows, MacOS or Linux installed, as well as a solid internet connection, then this simple guide will allow you to play any modern PC game on high graphics, no matter how powerful your own computer is. Before we begin,... Read more