If you own a PC with either Windows, MacOS or Linux installed, as well as a solid internet connection, then this simple guide will allow you to play any modern PC game on high graphics, no matter how powerful your own computer is.

Before we begin, I would like to point out that this service will only work well if you have a solid internet connect and a simple router setup. Other than that, any computer which supports hardware decoding (most computers do) can make this work with just Steam and Snoost Connect installed.

How does it work?

This guide works by the "Cloud Gaming" principle, where you as a user will be able to play a game on another computer over the internet. This basically means that your computer won't have to run the game you want to play, as it will be another (more powerful) computer which will be doing this for you, preserving your RAM memory etc.

In order to achieve this, you will need to have Steam and Snoost Connect installed.

Let's get started

Just follow the steps below to get up and running. The first time setup might take 5-10 minutes, but after that it should be rather simple to just click "Launch Rig" and then "Stream" to play your game directly from the Steam app.

Step 1: Sign up at Snoost.com

In order to begin - goes without saying - sign up for an account at snoost.com. Remember to use an email you check often, just in case there are important messages or notifications to related to your account that you might want to receive.

Step 2: Start your cloud gaming server

After signing up, log in to your account and start your Rig for the first time by clicking Power on. You will immediately be greeting with a very simple window with setup instructions, so you can configure your own local Steam client while the cloud server is starting up and preparing.

Configure your Steam client

The setup instructions in the user interface (after logging in) should be enough, but if you want to read how to do it in advance - or prefer to read the whole guide before you continue - then here is what you will have to do: On your own Windows PC, Mac or Linux machine, simply open up Steam and go to the Settings panel. Navigate to In-Home Streaming and make sure that Enable streaming is checked. To get the best performance, it is also highly recommended to go to Advanced client settings and enable Hardware decoding and set the limit bandwidth to 10 MBit/s (the better your internet connection is, the higher you can set the limit, but 10 MBit/s is the recommended minimum for a smooth experience).

Step 3: Get Snoost Connect

For the In-Home Streaming feature in Steam to work, you will have to connect your computer to the cloud rig via a VPN connection. This is accomplished with the Snoost Connect client (works on both Mac, Linux and Windows), which you can just download and install. After installing, you will be prompted to enter your Snoost credentials, and then get signed in automatically. That's it. Your computer is now connected to the cloud gaming server over the air.

Step 4: Sign in to Steam

Go back to the browser. It should have have registered that you have successfully connected your computer to the cloud rig, and should now be showing a simple button that says Login Steam. Clicking this button will open a remote desktop connection in your browser, that prompts the Steam login window. Sign in to your Steam account here, and let the cloud rig finish configuring the Steam settings on the host computer.

Step 5: Install a game

Open up your Steam client on your own computer and click on the game you would like to play in the Steam library. If you are on a Mac or Linux computer remember to navigate to the tab that shows all games, and not just the ones compatible with your operating system. You should now see an Install button next to the title, even if you are on a Mac and the game only works on Windows. If there is an arrow with a dropbox menu, simply click on that arrow and select "Install on..." and choose the option that is not your own computer. The game will then begin downloading and installing automatically on the cloud server. Note: if you don't see an install button, go to the browser and click on the "Reconnect streaming" to the top left of the "Ready to play" button. Steam In-Home Streaming will then retry the connection, and the Install button should finally appear.

You can follow the installation progress directly from your local Steam library. If it's the first time you install the game, it might stay on "Installation" for a little while (as the server is allocating disk space for the game), but just be patient and it will eventually start the download at 8,000 Mbit/s.

Step 6: Play your game

Once the game has finished installing, playing it is as simple as clicking Stream in your own Steam library on your computer. Again, if you don't see a Stream button or the install/download percentage, you might need to click Reconnect streaming from the user interface in the browser after signing in to Snoost.

Enjoy your game at high graphics!