This simple guide will go through the steps required to play Star Citizen on ultra graphics, even on a mediocre PC, Linux or Mac computer.

(Updated): Please check out the new and updated guide on how to play Star Citizen on MacBooks, Linux and Windows PCs via cloud gaming.

Star Citizen is a popular upcoming space simulator game, which currently holds the record for the most crowdfunding project of all time, and is widely regarded as having some of the best visuals and graphics of all time in the gaming industry. Just like Snoost cloud gaming, Star Citizen is still an Alpha version, but that hasn't stopped millions of people buying and playing the game - however, due to the steep graphic requirements, only a limited segment of PC gamers or fans of Star Citizen is able to actually enjoy the game to the fullest.

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Let's fire it up!

Although it is relatively simple to setup any game, even games which are acquired through Steam, you must have an active account on Snoost (there is a 3 day trial to test it out if you like), a solid internet connection1 and a Steam account (to utilise In-Home Streaming).

Step 1: Launch the cloud gaming server

Sign in to your Snoost account and launch your cloud rig. This will fire up the cloud gaming server on which you will be playing the game, neglecting the need for a powerfull graphics card, since these GPUs will do all the heavy processing for you.

Step 2: Install Star Citizen on the cloud rig

After your cloud rig has finished launching, login to your Steam account and open the desktop (a button located to the top right of the Snoost userinterface).

Run Google Chrome, and download the Star Citizen installer from their website (you need to create an account if you don't already have one), open it and make sure the installation location is set to the z drive, and preferrably in the folder Non-Steam games (for example: Z:\Non-Steam Games\Cloud Imperium Software). After the setup is done, keep the checkbox with Run launcher checked, and click Done.

After opening the launcher, simply sign in to your Star Citizen account and click "Install" and the launcher will begin installing the final game as well as any released patches and updates.

When Star Citizen has finished installing, don't click the "Launch game" button (this will launch the game in the remote desktop, which will not work). Instead, open the Steam client on the remote desktop in the Snoost userinterface, and navigate to Add a game and then Add a Non-Steam game, and find the Star Citizen Launcher in the list shown. Click Add selected programs, and the game will be added to your library.

Step 3: Start playing on your MacBook, Linux or Windows PC!

You should now see Star Citizen as a game in your library, and can safely close the desktop. Now open your local Steam client on your Mac, PC or Linux - double check that Star Citizen is present in this library as well (if not, you might need to click Reconnect Streaming in the Snoost user interface) - then simply launch the game. The Star Citizen Launcher should appear, and it's now time to click "Launch game".

Make sure to also check out our help center if you run into problems with the streaming, quality or other issues while gaming.

Finally, remember to set the graphics to ultra settings and the resolution to whatever you desire (1600x900 is recommended for a good widescreen experience).Star Citizen resolution

You're now ready to play Star Citizen at full graphics on your Linux computer, Macbook running MacOS or even a crappy Windows PC - all from a gaming computer in the cloud which is always at your disposal, as long as you have some decent WIFI nearby.


  1. It is recommended to have an internet connection faster than 25 MB/s, to ensure the most smooth gaming experience.