The best gaming PC this year is not physical, but located in the cloud. Cloud gaming offers gaming PCs of the highest end, and it offers a solution to the often asked questions: Can I run 'X' game?. Snoost Cloud Gaming keeps your PC up to date concurrently with new game releases and is rented instead of purchased, which means it does not require an expensive investment.

Can I run it? An often heard question in relation to Fallout 4

According to Google Trends, some of the questions most related to searches about PC gaming are “Can I run Fallout 4?”, “Can I run The Witcher 3”, “Can I run H1Z1”, “Can I run Overwatch?” - the list goes on and on.

The ever increasing system requirements of new games requires people to upgrade their PC hardware every few years in order to play the new, hyped games. And of course, every time a new game is released many gamers worry whether now is finally the dreaded moment, when they have to make that big investment in a new gaming PC.

Gamers who are picky about graphics have it even harder, since that requires even more frequent investments. And no matter your tolerance in terms of low graphics versus gameplay, there will always be a point where you have fallen too far behind in order to play the games you want.

Can i run it? Yes you can! Snoost Cloud Gaming lets you run any game

The question “can I run it” is the driving force behind Snoost. Snoost Cloud gaming is an attempt to make this question obsolete. With Snoost Cloud Gaming, you can play any game you want from any computer you want. Yes, even your old PC that barely runs Warcraft 3, and yes, even an old Mac or Linux that is normally not compatible with all games.

We have tested a lot of big game releases over the last year's time and have played all of them on ultra graphics on several low end computers.

No more worries about system requirements

It's a nice thought never having to worry about system requirements ever again and have the option to play any game you want. That is one of the main ideas that drives Snoost. Imagine never having to worry if you can run a new game and will miss out on the fun. Or never having concerns about whether you can enjoy the game on low graphics or if you might lag in game on your desired settings.

Snoost is an attempt to make PC gaming less worrisome and more enjoyable. So if you are one of many gamers who can relate to these worries, then Snoost might be for you.

Actually, we encourage you to try out our free 3-day trial to see if Snoost is something that can solve your worries and make gaming more available to you.

But how is that possible? How does cloud gaming work?

To keep it simple, it is actually quite simple.

You rent a gaming PC located in the cloud which runs the games for you, and what you see on your own computer is merely a stream. That is why your old PC can run any game: It does not do any of the hard work. The gaming rig is more powerful than what even the most hardcore gamers have at home, and moreover, the gaming rig you rent is upgraded concurrently with new game releases, so with that goes your worries about system requirements.

All cloud gaming takes is a decent internet connection, and we recommend at least 15 MB/s for an optimal experience.

I want to know more

If you want a bit more details, what goes on is that Snoost rents a server from our provider, Amazon Web Services, which is a powerful computer that can run every graphic extensive game for you. The servers we use run Windows, and that is why every game is compatible for both Mac and Linux users.

You can read more about the external hardware here.

The reason that an old gaming PC can run a game as well as a new one is because your own PC does not have to render the image itself. The rendering is done by the external server, and the picture you see is projected via your internet connection. Gaming via the cloud is an interactive stream. When you move your mouse on your own screen, you ask the external server to move the mouse via the internet, and in turn your internet projects back a picture of the external server moving the mouse. As you can probably figure out, this interactive streams demands more than just watching Netflix, and that is why you need a decent internet connection to avoid latency issues.

If you want to know even more about the technicalities of cloud gaming, you can read even more in our extensive help center.

Lets get to the price, how much does Snoost Cloud Gaming cost?

Snoost offers unlimited hours of gaming on a continually upgraded gaming rig for just under a dollar a day (95 cents to be exact).

So unfortunately, nothing in this world is free, but fortunately, not everything has to be 2000$ investments into a new gaming rig. Buying a new gaming rig is an expensive and extensive process, and Snoost offers an alternative to that. We at Snoost hope that a gaming PC - that stays high end forever - for under a dollar a day will make gaming less worrisome and more available to all our fellow gamers out there.

We have also tried to design our service to be without worries and offer more availability. We do not have restrictions on game time and do not like solutions that work by pay per hour. Gaming should be enjoyed whenever you want and how much you want.

We also allow you to install any game you own. We neither like models where licensed games are included, because they lack availability. These models are – by their premise - forced to offer limited selections of games. Snoost attempts to make every game available for as many people as possible, and we hope that our service offers a viable solution for many gamers out there who are limited by their hardware.

If you, like us, enjoy gaming without worries, then get started on our free trial and see how your experience with an ever powerful cloud gaming PC is!