This guide will go through the few simple steps to install and play Star Citizen on practically any computer (Mac, Linux, Windows & Chromebooks) - as long as the internet connection is solid.

Please note, that this is a revamped article based on an older version which is now outdated due to the latest major update to the cloud gaming service, moving game streaming to the browser.

With the latest Alpha 3.0 release, Star Citizen has suddenly launched itself into a much more entertaining future, as it is no longer "just" a space sim, but a more complete game with planetary simulation, more missions for the players to have fun with and - last but not least - a larger universe with lots of new areas, surfaces, ship wrecks and other interesting things to discover. For most gamers out there, Star Citizen has been a high graphics "to-become" masterpiece only few will be able to play on ultra settings. With cloud gaming on Snoost though, this is now a game that anyone can enjoy at full graphics, on any Windows, Mac or Linux PC, by streaming the critically acclaimed game directly from a powerful gaming PC in the cloud, to your own computer.

Start Cloud Gaming server

Start your cloud gaming server

Sign up for a Snoost account (if you haven't already), and proceed to login and follow the instructions, which will tell you to install the Chrome extension client and then power on your cloud rig (a name for the gaming computer you will be playing on). There is a free trial available, so you can test if your internet connection is good enough to properly stream your games at your desired quality (Standard Quality, High Definition and Full HD are currently available). In the Snoost client (which opens by clicking "Open cloud rig" you will also find settings, and can easily adjust the quality of your stream (after you've successfully launched the server).

Turn on cloud rig Once you hit the Power on button the cloud rig will begin to setup your remote computer. This usually takes just a moment, but depends on the traffic.

If you do not yet have an account for Star Citizen on, now might be a good time to sign up by selecting a package at the official game website, while your cloud gaming server is setting up the various components needed for the game streaming experience and software (all done automatically of course).

Install Star Citizen from Windows

After your cloud rig has started up, you should see the option to open the Windows desktop in the Snoost client. When it is ready, simply click the Windows icon and the desktop should open up - this is the actual desktop of your cloud gaming server, and you can use it pretty much like you would any other computer (except this is streamed directly from a powerful gaming rig somewhere remotely).

Cloud gaming main screen

Quick note: If you ever need to exit the stream or do something else on your own PC, without closing the streaming, you can press ESC to bring up a small overlay with several shortcuts which allows you to minimise the stream, or unlock your cursor and keyboard.

Download the installer

Download Star Citizen Installer Open up Google Chrome on your cloud rig (while being in the desktop) and go to to download the official Star Citizen game installer. You will need to be signed in at (the official Star Citizen account), in order to be able to initiate the download of the installer.

After the download has completed, it will (as it would with any other computer) appear in the downloads folder on the cloud rig. You can choose to launch the installer from that folder or from Google Chrome, it's up to you - but go ahead and launch the installer.

Star Citizen Z-drive During the installation of Star Citizen on the cloud rig, remember to set the download folder to the Z:/ drive as shown below. This is because the Z drive is the game optimised drive, and thus the only drive which will backup your games properly and securely, as well as provide the best gaming performance.

Star Citizen NonSteam folder You also might want to place the Star Citizen installation in the NonSteam folder on the Z:/ drive to keep games organised, with a simple separation between Steam and non-Steam games. However this is optional, so it's all a matter of your own preference.

When the preferred folder has been selected, all that is left to do is simply to initiate the installation. This will place a Star Citizen launcher in the specified location, which you will use to install, update and launch the game later on. This part of the game (the launcher itself) does not take up much space on the disk drive, so it should finish up in just a few seconds, whereafter you may proceed to the Star Citizen launcher which will carry out the complete installation of the game. Let's move on to opening the launcher.

Install through the Star Citizen launcher

After installing the Star Citizen Launcher, simply open it up and proceed to install the complete game. It should be located where you decided to place the Star Citizen installation somewhere in the Z:/ drive.

Install Star CitizenWhen the launcher has opened it will tell you that there is an update available. Hit the big yellow Install button and let the launcher download the required files. Due to our cloud gaming servers' extremely tough bandwidth connections, running at 1,000 Mbps, the game should be ready to play in less than 10 minutes.

After the game files installation and update has finished, the launcher should say "Ready to play" and the button switches to "Play game". Click it, and start playing Star Citizen on whatever Linux, Mac or Windows PC you are currently using.

Play Star Citizen via cloud gaming

Now that the game has been installed, all that is left to do is to launch Star Citizen through the official launcher, and enjoy the most anticipated space sim in modern times.

Play Star Citizen

Set the graphics to ultra high

Before proceeding to play the game, go ahead and adjust the graphics settings to the highest (it plays well on Snoost). The graphics (as seen below) are simply amazing, and with the Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 released this year, players all over the world are going to be exploring a huge universe with procedurally generated planets, all with unique and beautiful landscapes and environmental features.

Star Citizen Cloud Gaming

So there you are. Playing an amazing - and requiring - game on your own local PC, without having had to upgrade or buy a new computer to play this monster of a game. See you in the verse fellow star citizens.

Enjoy streaming Star Citizen over the cloud!