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#0 March 25th, 07:21

IMPORTANT: A Farewell to the Alpha

Dear valued gamer,

Since we launched the alpha version of Snoost, we have received a tremendous amount of priceless feedback from gamers all over the world.

You have helped us test all kinds of aspects on the platform and we’re really thankfu...
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Rising member
#1 March 26th, 09:30
I still have 2 weeks of my period I guess :)

Hope this new version doesn't take too long to get released.

#2 March 26th, 09:43
rip hope it doesn't take to long i have a mac bought pub and then put 50 hours into it so i can't play it soooooo yeah no refund for me xD

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Game reviewer
#3 March 26th, 10:59
"All active members will of course be able to take full advantage of their membership, until the coming billig period." Could you explain how to take advantage of my existing membership, since I can't get to lunch a rig anymore, and I'm certain I have 2-3 weeks left.

#4 March 26th, 11:30
"All active members will of course be able to take full advantage of their membership, until the coming billig period." Could you explain how to take advantage of my existing membership, since I can't get to lunch a rig anymore, and I'm certain I have 2-3 weeks left. - Ndaime
Same for me, still have just over a week left on mine and I can't launch my rig.

Game reviewer
#5 March 26th, 13:08

For me exactly the same. I just purchased Snoost 5 days ago. It was kind of a big decision for me and I was not made aware that there would be a pause of the service right now. Kind of disappointed. Also, it may be the fact that I'm not a native English speaker, but what does 'taking full advantage of membership, until the coming billi(n?)g period' mean? Does it mean I have to wait for the new version to come out to be able to play again? Or does it mean I can still play right now? Because right now I'm not able to log in my rig. What if I wanted to stop my subscription, where do I log in and stop my membership?

My questions in a nutshell:

  • When can I play again with Snoost?
  • How do I stop my subscription?
Also I really liked playing with Snoost, not all is bad. Thanks for the effort to build this amazing platform that helps mac users to game!

Game reviewer
#6 March 26th, 15:23
Can't access the remainder of my time.. The 'select payment plan' thing keeps popping up and the rig won't start and just throws me out. Loved the service when it was working btw <3

#7 March 26th, 16:49
Ah was wondering why I hadn't seen more posts regarding this, but glad to see that I'm not the only one confused by this.

#8 March 26th, 17:03
@YungPimpson well English is my native language and I don't really understand. I just upgraded my plan and I'm regretting that since this is my first day off and I have time to play. I'm almost renewed my WoW sub, which I'm glad I waited on. I don't really understand how we are going to take full advantage of the service if its down. I think their message regarding the end of the Alpha was just poorly worded and I'm sure we'll be compensated for play time missed. I am not donating money for them to work on a newer version of their project...I'm only paying them for a service.

Game reviewer
#9 March 26th, 17:08
I hope we will get some clarification soon, I also think it was poorly communicated out, specially we could have had a few days notice or something, before shutting down the service.

Game reviewer
#10 March 26th, 17:29
I'm having this same problem, have emailed them to find out whats happening but haven't had a reply yet. Seems very suspect having such a short notice about the end of service and now I cannot access my billing page on the app.

Rising member
#11 March 26th, 17:41
It has not ended it's just that it won't be a alpha anymore but yeah also can't access my billing page. i open the snoost app and it says my trial is ended so also a little bit on the edge about this.

#12 March 26th, 17:50
@Sonicx344 right it will move into beta most likely but when that is it’s anyones guess. There’s no time frame given other than “subscribers will be first to know”. Might be some time and as long as we are compensated for time lost then I’m good with that. I understood that this was in alpha when I signed up.

Rising member
#13 March 26th, 20:16
I just want to know the time frame because who knows when will get to play again?

#14 March 26th, 20:43
Well is it because my first language is not English or the announcement is really confusing? Hope they will announce a return date soon.

#15 March 26th, 20:50
can someone help me i cleared my data on chrome and now i cant login to snoost because it said missing authentications credentials

#16 March 26th, 21:18
nvm I just had to restart my pc

Game reviewer
#17 March 26th, 21:27
I can't end my 3 days trial , or stop my subscription . the new achievement icon keep popping out and the link goes back to the main page .

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#18 March 26th, 23:26
@Asimo same

#19 March 27th, 00:09
I also can't cancel my subcription, what need to do?

Game reviewer
#20 March 27th, 04:59
yo wtf is this man cmon whens the new one coming out?i didnt pay this just to have to wait 4 months to play my game

#21 March 27th, 08:10
nvm I just had to restart my pc - weabooDeNub
Does that mean you were able to log into Snoost? What I'm concerned about is that my playtime is running now and I'm not able to access it. I keep thinking I'm missing something, or those who know are just being complete dicks. I didn't set up parsec, so that is the only avenue I can see being able to access the online rig, however since I didn't set that up to begin with I'm up the creek without a paddle. I'm not going to get too upset yet, and I'm hoping someone at Snoost will break the radio silence regarding this. I'd hate to have to put a stop payment on my card from this because I was looking forward to using their service.

#22 March 27th, 16:56
So I do have a lot of remaining time, but I can't access gaming rig anymore. What is going on?

It get's stuck on "Loading games". And that's what I see for the second day (it was working yesterday morning, after alpha ending announcement).

I also cannot access my billing page anymore...

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Rising member
#23 March 27th, 17:03
@ Rudlow, I have a "Starting Gaming Rig (1 min)" for about 2 hours now and it doesn't work at all altho I am sure I have plenty of time before my next billing period (which should start at April 13). But yeah, it worked just fine yesterday.

Dunno if that can be "fixed" but I would like to use my remaining 2 weeks while I can.

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#24 March 28th, 18:59
So what does this all mean? When my subscription ends, it wont take money for new month and work of service will stop?

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