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#25 December 5th 2017, 22:47
nice hot fix :)

#26 December 5th 2017, 23:45
I'm still stuck on Configuring Drive version with no progress for 2 starts ups now, It's connecting me to West US

#27 December 5th 2017, 23:50
Now stuck at "Data saved" after the 2nd trial to boot my cloud rig

#28 December 6th 2017, 01:18
Stuck on Starting game rig (1 min) - West US

#29 December 6th 2017, 02:39
Still stuck

#30 December 6th 2017, 03:54
It worked for me on the 3rd try FINALLY seeing my games again and having the stream open is startling after such a long time

#31 December 6th 2017, 05:15
Hello everyone,

Some processes will take longer than others, so please be aware. If a process is stuck, the rule of thumb is to first always restart the Chrome client. This resolves most issues.

The starting game rig process has been shown to take additional time when the servers are overloaded. The prompt sometimes will show incorrect information (1 min as opposed to 5, etc.) Give it time and restart if needed!

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#32 December 6th 2017, 08:07
stuck on starting gaming rig since 11:45pm last nite still on now stuck on west europe & i have restarted load's of time's screen shot

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#33 December 6th 2017, 17:55
The cloud rig crashes constantly, deleting all data, including steam. Then saving and loading data for 30 minutes, restarts for another 30 min and then crashes again after working for 20 min deleting all data. It did this 3 times in a raw for me.

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#34 December 6th 2017, 19:34
just installed game and it shutting it self down i dont know what ta do now stop the pay or wait for a fix that works

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#35 December 6th 2017, 19:36
yesterdays update has not done nothing much.

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#36 December 6th 2017, 20:09
Yesterday's update took care of the connectivity issues. We are currently working overtime to adjust to a change in the infrastructure, which sometimes causes certain locations to experience more network interruptions than usually. An update will be released as soon as it is ready.

#37 December 7th 2017, 01:40
"starting gaming rig" - stuck again

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#38 December 7th 2017, 02:37
It goes up to "Starting Gaming Rig" and then it just stops and takes me back to the "Power On" Button

#39 December 7th 2017, 04:13
When the rig crashes it says: Steam no longer available. Something about unable to find reference to Steam and saying to check the connected drive. It does that for about a minute and then shuts down.

#40 December 8th 2017, 00:38
I just had the same error as korts and a rig shutdown moments ago with several items crashing and the rig desktop showing with three "Program has stopped responding" errors. Before I could write them down or screenshoot the rig shut off. There was also a message about being unable to write to the drive that just appeared suddenly along with the errors. The Power On button on the extension landing page no longer starts up a new cloud rig for me since this happened

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#41 December 9th 2017, 21:19
After downloading the update, the steam only works randomly for me. Still stuck at gaming rig and a google restart doesn't fix it :/

I know you guys have been doing your best, but I've had nothing but problems since the update.

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#42 December 9th 2017, 22:19
@TheOddHatman same here ridiculous it paid out of my bank today aswell

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#43 December 9th 2017, 22:20
when ur rig does come on it goes of half hr playing it saying that u was not there playing

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#44 December 9th 2017, 22:25
i get this everyday tho my rig is on just that it does not connect to it.

#45 December 10th 2017, 00:15
@rigga55 The same things happen to me idk if this is helpful but here's what I do with the connection stuck thing and the random shutdowns:

When stuck on Connecting after rig finishes booting up: I close the extension and click "Open Cloud Rig" from app.snoost. Eventually it gives me the landing page for the Windows stream. Do that a bunch of times until it works. I close and reopen Chrome sometimes too, but idk if that makes a difference.

For the Random Shutdowns: 1)Click the Open Cloud Rig button from app.snoost, it'll open another window 2)Click the "reconnect" button at the left every once in a while while gaming

I have to do this when I'm using Parsec because otherwise I get kicked off & my rig shutsdown so fast my head spins lol. I don't close the stream I'm gaming on even using Snoost chrome. I just tab out and do the Open Cloud Rig/Reconnect or sometimes just the Reconnect button when I have another extension window open then go back to my game

When I get weird freezing/stuttering from a game lately I've been restarting in windows. Waiting a few minutes when it puts me back on the landing page and then clicking Windows again to reconnect after it boots up. What usually happens for me is the weird freezing with a game ends up being early warning signs that my game will crash and turn the whole rig off with it so I just restart & pray the pairing improves when it loads back. Whether my internet is fine or not the game freezes usually mean something is wrong/slowly struggling so I just restart like I would when weird stuff happens in Windows anyway.

**BTW: I'm not sure if just clicking the Open Cloud Rig lets the servers know you're still there. The reconnect button seems like the kind of like the "WAIT I'M STILL HERE" button we were all asking for, but it might be just clicking Open Cloud Rig too that lets the Snoost system know you're still online/gaming.

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#46 December 10th 2017, 00:16
@korts After having the same issue as you korts I read on the forums something about having to wait on the landing page/or on the desktop after the stream starts up for a short bit until the new bigger drives fully pair. Usually I wait until I see the "Windows Defender" message in notifications saying something like "scanned 2 times blah blah blah" and then it's fine to game as usual with everything fully paired up. Sometimes if the message never appears and I've waited for some time on the landing page and the desktop: I just restart the rig from the windows taskbar wait a few minutes and then turn the stream on again. After a restart Windows Defender will let you start the scan by clicking on a message in notification center and that's usually a sign for me that the drives are paired when Windows offers to scan them.

Also if you get that message about Steam stopping or a Steam drive error don't click any of the "program not responding" messages at all if you get them. When trying to screenshot them I hit "Close this program" on one right as the rig shutdown and it prevented me from booting a new cloud rig up for several hours. I basically royally messed something up by accident

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#47 December 10th 2017, 02:16
@Kenn thank you for the replie & help will try this.

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#48 December 10th 2017, 16:10
still not working this is absulute silly guy's whats goin on?

#49 December 10th 2017, 17:38
Can some of these issues come due to the servers themselves? I had a check on the server status for the past week or so, and the ones in America doesn't seem to be running at full capacity, while the EU servers are healthy (of course this would only apply for American players)

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