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Game reviewer
#0 September 11th 2017, 13:53

[Review: The Witcher]: An immersive journey

The game starts out a bit slow, but picks up the pace soon. You play as Gerald, helping towns, factions , friends. The story telling is amazing. Once you reach halfway through you dont even notice how immersed you are in this universe. Combat is simi...
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#1 September 11th 2017, 14:04
Great review. People have often recommended that I should try "the entire Witcher series", yet most of the hype and credit goes to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

I really want to try to get into the The Witcher universe, but would it be best to play the whole trilogy or would The Witcher 3 be enough in your opinion?

Game reviewer
#2 September 11th 2017, 14:29
@RuneDalton Id recommend playing all of the games, once you pass the first game and the second one you will know a lot more about the witcher universe, about the mobs and its origins, what are the characters relationships with Gerald, what have they experienced and what does it mean to see them in the Wild hunt. The previous games are the same quality as The Witcher 3 IMO.

#3 September 11th 2017, 15:34
Alright, that's awesome! I have always cared more about the story anyways, so perhaps the graphical different won't be a problem at all.

Would you still consider Witcher 3 the best game in the series though? Most people seem to believe so.

Game reviewer
#4 September 11th 2017, 15:53
@RuneDalton Tbh havent played Witcher 3 only looked at its gameplay and a bit of story, but yeah i would say so, it adds and has way more new things than in previous games such as night/day cycle in which difrent people come, gwent, the combat is the best there.

#5 September 11th 2017, 17:24
Cool. Might give this first one a try soon then. It's become rather rare for great storylines to actually make it to a third instalment - no pun intended for Half Life 3 ;)

I'm excited to see how well Witcher 1 stacks up against some of the other popular role playing games, like Skyrim, Fallout etc. The big difference being that the first 2 games in The Witcher series are not completely open-world (I hope I'm right in that conclusion, since I haven't played them) :)

Showing 1-5 of 5 comments