The single player and the story are pretty good, but people buy this game for the online mode. Rockstar always gets praised for releasing 'free' DLC evey now and then. But to acquire the content they released you have to pay great amounts of in-game money. The easiest way to get GTA$ is to buy shark cards. People that don't want to pay for shark cards, but still want the new content have to play missions, heists and start their own businesses to earn GTA$. Vehicles cost millions of dollars and starting up businesses also costs millions. People that have a more stable income than you will always be ahead of you in this game as they don't have to put any effort in it, they can just buy shark cards and instantly get access to all the new content. The best money making method that doesn't ivolve buying shark cards is to become a CEO and work with the Import/Export missions and/or crate missions. These missions will all take place in public lobbies. That means that dozens of players will be in the same session as you while you do your own thing. Of course the game is Grand Theft Auto V, so you probably knew that people are meant to have intense shootouts, it's part of the fun. However, shark card buyers obviously have much better gear than you, and they don't care about a fair fight. They'll just use some of the overpowered vehicles they have in their disposal to thwart your attempts at earning money. But if you have a group of friends that are willing to play with you all they time, you could still get enjoyment out of the online mode and maybe even manage to make some decent money.

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