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Game reviewer
#0 February 16th, 18:26

[Review: Star Citizen]: The future of sci fi gaming

I have never played a game that made me feel like I was in a real universe before but I can honestly say that Star Citizen is giving me that feeling when I step inside its world.

My PC Rig really struggled to do it justice but with Snoost and all...
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Game reviewer
#1 February 16th, 20:18
It truly is a great game.

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#2 February 17th, 00:22
It really is. I made an account early last year and decided that I'd just have a nice little Aurora or something to putter round the 'Verse in. Then I saw a Cutlass and thought, "That would make a great multirole ship!". So I bought one of those too. Then I saw a Constellation, was in awe, bought one too. Many months later, I'm a Concierge member. No regrets.

#3 February 17th, 09:32
I agree. It's absolutely terrific (at least the ambition of it). I myself got lucky with a Drake Harald as my one-man army (unfortunately hacking hasn't been implemented as a mechanic yet).

However, there's still a long way. We only have moon landings now, and with planetary landings... I don't know, imagine all the things they still need to make to create gameplay on planets, with creatures, proper water simulation more atmospheric features etc.

Do you guys think Star Citizen will become what the fans hope, or perhaps fall short of their ambitions in some areas?

#4 February 17th, 14:22
@RuneDalton I think it's going to become what the fans want and then some. If they manage to implement even half of what they have in the roadmap scheduled for this year, it's already going to start looking more like a playable game and less like an alpha. The stuff they've got scheduled includes performance fixes (finally), a bunch of new professions from repairing and fueling to mining and salvaging (nothing about data transport yet sadly), lots of cool new ships particularly the Reclaimer coming in the next patch, and two new planets, Hurston and it's moons + Arccorp.

#5 February 18th, 10:54
@SullyQ I truly hope so. An amazing ambition of a game - if they do it right, it will be a game for everyone with so many different gameplay aspects, such as exploration, action, space battles and even a builder with survival aspects if that's what you want.

Cheers - I'm excited for the next coming patches. :)

Showing 1-5 of 5 comments