Welcome, 歡迎光臨, Welkom, Bienvenue, Benvenuto, Bem-vindos, Добро пожаловать!, Bienvenidos, Hoan nghênh, Willkommen, Tervetuloa to Snoost.com.

We here at Snoost are excited and pleasured to welcome you to the next generation of cloud gaming.

Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself, we hope you find your experience on these boards to be friendly and useful.

A few important notes for newcomers:

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  • You can find the status of every server across the globe here.

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  • Frequently asked questions can be found here.

  • For technical support provided by Snoost, please contact customer support. For technical support provided by the community, which is monitored and utilized by staff, please post a topic here.

  • All billing related questions are to be directed to billing support. We avoid discussing sensitive information on an open forum.

  • To check whether a server is available in your area, please follow this link.

  • Our official blog can be found here.

  • To utilize the service, our Chrome Client must be downloaded and installed. For help troubleshooting with this application, please utilize the customer support information in a previous bullet.
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As always, if you have a concern, our Moderators and Staff members are here to help.

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