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#0 August 28th, 08:47

Can I run games with streaming OFF?

Hello, I am new to Snoost and still on my trial period.

I was wondering if It's possible/stable/legal to run games with streaming off? For Instance, I play BlackDesert which requires a lot of AFK playtime. So I would like to keep the game on, but turn the stream off to minimize the resource usage on my laptop. Does Windows shut off after a certain amount of time has passed without streaming?

Any input is appreciated!

Edit: Rig seems to time out after 30 minutes of inactivity even while streaming a game. Any suggestion for preventing it from automatically shutting off?

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#1 August 28th, 18:11
Rig gets timed-out after 30 minutes.

#2 August 28th, 18:21
@GoldBuck Thank you!

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