Ok so i've been testing the service for a week or so now. I chose to call this a report instead of review because since this is still in alpha it would be unfair to call it a review.

First impressions weren't nice. I signed up for the trial, set up everything, actually managed to connect the first time, if you ar new to snoost rig launch takes about 20 min depending on how much data you have on the rig, i recommend settig up and FTP (or cloud storage) and backing up save games everytime you disconnect. About the disconnects i have found that uninstalling chrome extension and re installing sometimes fixes these without reseting the rig. For example for the "pairing with rig failed" sort of bugs uninstalling the extension and installing again will allow you to pair with the rig without having to aunch it all over again. About other more perssisting bugs i recommend waiting 30 min so it automatically resets and retrying. For the input stream fail bug: i have noticed that the stream service stays active on the rig even though i cant connect to it and i'm not even trying to connect to it, so i believe a kill stream services (incluing input stream) button woud fix this.(more about disconnects later). Real rig startup times are 20 min to 1 hour anymore than that and the rig resets

Ok so i start up my first time and i was pestered with the mouse bug, if you dont know about it, it basically makes your mouse pretty much unusable just to get it from the middle of the screen to the chrome logo it takes forever! Searched the forums a litte bit, no real official answer but parsec does the trick, so i'l stay while that's "allowed".

Rig stats and download speeds are incredible as expected, and ping isnt that much considering im about 2000 Km away from aws datacenter the ping was only 50ms. Since my original idea was to be able to play Pubg and other online games i jumped on league of legends and CS;GO, to see rig-to-LOL ping, wasn't bad considering that at home i have 50ms on LOL, Rig-to-LOL was 20ms that means that MyPC-to-Rig-to-LOL ping wa 70 ms! only 20 more than at home, Not bad! (dont remember CS:go stats sorry)

Ok so i didnt have much time to test more, and so i came to the foruns to see what was beeing talked about, found a quite a few people complaining about the inability to cancel trial and getting charged because of that, some people getting double-charged and i got scared, immediately tried to cancel everything, which worked , waited three days to check for charges, didn't get any, so i came back It took this dude 20 days to get his money back: https://www.snoost.com/en/community/troubleshooting/membership-cancelation-failed/ I have explained my reasoning for coming back and why i'm not so quick to cry scam somewhere in the forums already.

So online games are hard to play there, responsiveness is flaky sometimes its really wobly sometimes its good sometimes its bad. These last two days it has been pretty consistent 50ms all the time!

So i've found this is great for playing singleplayer games, you dont feel that much of a lack of responsiveness, you are able to play just fine, and if for some reason your ping worsens, you are able to pause, save the game and restart the stream to see if that fixes it. Last night i played The witcher 3 for 4 hours, only stopped because i wanted to, today it has been the same, i was able to play a couple of hours in the afternoon today, and right now im connected and about to go play.

So the client connection with the rig is the main problem here, it needs some fixing, have you considered just using parsec for the streaming and charge for storage levels? And finnaly I am calling for a bit of transparency. These are aws- g2.2xlarge machines correct? So is the service pooled? i have no probem with that, but is that why its hard to connect peak hours? how does it work?