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#0 November 12th 2017, 21:46

Review about the snoost service

I am amazed... As a previous user of "Liquidsky" (A competitor) that had many problems when attempting to test let alone use their service, this was a very pleasant and straightforward.

I signed up and got the confirmation email nearly instantly, after that i installed the extension and i was in... almost. The extension layout was alright, simple and understandable. After clicking the power on button when i encountered the first and luckily my only problem, the waiting time for the rig to start.It can be anywhere from 10-25 mins depended on the queue and if you are starting the rig for the first time. After selecting the windows desktop and waited some more i was in. And after testing everything (sound, internet speed, games) i had absolutely no problems. TL;DR: The only "problem" i had was the time it took to start up your rig.

Pros: Affordable prices and plans that do not impact the specs or the game it self. (For reference "Liquidsky" is min. 20$ with weaker specs and major problems) Active-ish forum Instant access, no matter if trial or paid. Easy to install Compatible with most systems and specs &c. Cons: Long-ish start up time (Will be fixed i guess?) Sound problems with some users.

Overall 4/5 until the cons are fixed but i am very pleased.

P.S The prices are listed as 1199,2398 ,guessing it is supposed to be 11.99($),23.98($)?

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#1 November 13th 2017, 02:44
Hi MadeiraJunior,

So happy to see you are enjoying our service! We aim to provide a cheap, user-friendly alternative to most other streaming sites and it's great to hear we are hitting the mark. Of course, we can always improve, so I'm happy to tell you we are working on an overhaul of our startup process. This should speed up the time it takes you to get connected and playing dramatically.

Additionally, we always could use suggestions and even more feedback during this critical stage of Alpha development. We are moving very fast so please be aware things will change. Nonetheless, we hope to see you around participating!

We will be releasing more information on this large update soon, so keep an eye out on the "news" section of the website.

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