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#0 July 15th 2017, 14:14

Snoost review after 3 days

My experience with Snoost so far (3rd day of using it, so not as much as others around here):


  • Always connected to West Europe servers.
  • Medium internet connection at home at around 10-14 MB/s.

  • good rig interface, intuitive, polished, user friendly.
  • Once logged in and playing, no interruptions whatsoever. Played for 3-5 hours straight like a mad dog and it was smooth as butter.
  • You can test it out before you buy with the 3 day trial + 1 additional free week once you add your card details.
  • There are no anxiety causing credits ticking at the top of your screen showing you how much time you have left.
  • powerful Rig setup; managed to run MadMax which did not work on LiquidSky.

  • Slow startup times of around 15-20 minutes. Not a deal-breaker, however.
  • Once logged into your Rig, sometimes Steam and other game icons don't work properly, you have to use Windows.
  • Once in Windows, you have to use task manager to close steam.
  • Steam opens up in BigScreen window (which is designed for large TVs/consoles, not PCs).
  • Lost my installed game one time, but this was before I added my card details (2nd day).
  • Issues with re-using the same installed game (MadMax) as files seem to get corrupted between me logging out, saving the Rig and logging back in (posted this in troubleshooting).
  • Unclear what plan I'm paying for after I've added my card details. Hopefully someome can clarify this next week.
  • I know this is a new company, but as a future paying customer I'd appreciate customer support. I couldn't find any live chat or email address to use; only help I received was from these online forums.

  • I imagine a lot of the cons can easily be fixed and the list cut down in half.
  • waiting times (inc. corrupt files issue) is about 30 minutes. Not great, but so far couldn't find anything else that'll run my game.
  • will continue to use but might investigate other options for the time being, just in case.
EDIT 1: Logged in the 4th time into Snoost and my game is gone (2nd time it happened). So I guess we need to add this to recurring issues...

EDIT 2: One week of Snoost today; for the past 3 days I've had no issues with installed games, haven't had to re-install anything, once logged in it's great.

EDIT 3: Rune replied to my email regarding which plan I'm on -> SD plan.

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#1 July 15th 2017, 20:59
A very good review. Snoost looks like a one man dev team (Rune), who also focuses on his other start-ups.

When you get the Rig running it feels more solid than Liquidsky. Hope the billing issue will be fixed as I would like cloud gaming during my vacation.

EDIT: They have customer support emails: tech @ snoost .com | billing @snoost .com

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#2 July 15th 2017, 21:27
@GoldBuck Thanks! I've sent them an email now.

#3 July 22nd 2017, 19:00
Thank you for the review. I had the same issues with games disappearing as well, but knowing that it is still alpha, I understand. When I first joined under the trial, I could not log in for the 3 trial days, because I kept running into the latency too high error! I kept trying and trying but no go. However, after the 3rd day, I noticed it said I was connected to US West. I was like bout damn time. :) Decided to take a chance and purchase the 29 plan (which I think should get a bigger drive at this cost, but that is another gripe) and was able to start a rig but, it does still take awhile. Once they get the drive issue fixed, this should cut down the load time of the rig as well since it will no longer need to reload the drive every time.

Onto my 4th day, I have run into issues where windows/steam would not load, games go missing after reload, but I keep retrying as frustrating that can be, but it works fine afterward.

Overall though, I have to say, after a few gaming sessions and playing on different platforms (PC, MAC, GPDWin with wireless vs. LTE (hotspot) <-- This is awesome by the way, I was able to play Batman and I thought there was going to be lag/pixelization, but was surprised that there was only slight lag and no pixelization whatsoever.)

If snoost plays nicely, it works great and I hope they continue to get better as I will be switching from another provider for cloud gaming. The biggest thing I hope they fix next is the drive space. I know I know I mentioned this couple of times, but like the option of choosing more games to play, not to mention (like what I read so far) games need more space to install. For example, GTAV and NBA2k...

Anyway, enough of me ranting, keep it up guys, I see much potential in your service and hope you have continued success. I will continue to be a subscribed customer.

#4 July 26th 2017, 09:27
Thank you lordalex91 and others for your reviews of our service,

We are aware of some of these technical issues and have replied in other topics regarding them. I can tell you here and now though we are looking at improving disk space in the near future. These upgrades would also likely improve startup times for our servers. We will have more information to share once we have a solid update schedule for you.


#5 July 26th 2017, 14:18
@Curivity Is there any chance of using a more persistent storage system - tied to the data center, which we will be mostly using - 99% of our times? Similar to liquidsky, without the need to sync upon every load.

Also, maybe cheaper HDD solutions? Can you share at what options are you looking at?

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