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Game reviewer
#0 January 26th, 08:33

Snoost Review

Utilized my 3 day trial and was satisfied enough to continue on at least for a month. Despite troubles initially with finding a location and long load up time this seems to have gotten more reliable, though other reviews and responses to a post I made make me worry I've just had a lucky few days. The rig connects more quickly now, and runs the game I play on it very well, with few issues. Had a few moments of freezing here and there, but it is possible this was related to an issue with my router, which is being replaced tomorrow. The worst thing about this service is 100% the fact that I have to reinstall my game every time I load up the rig. Fortunately I have a pretty quick connection, but that's still 20-30 minutes I didn't have to waste every time I loaded up the other service I was using prior to trying Snoost. As my game is server based I ,thankfully, am not losing savegames to this, but I could see that being very frustrating to other users. Because of this, this issue isn't a dealbreaker for me, especially since the service is still in alpha and has unlimited runtime, but I hope it gets a permanent fix soon. It would make me significantly more enthused about the service. Additionally, despite the initial load time for the rig going down it still takes forever to save everything and shut down. This may even be linked to the other issue of my games not saving as, while I have not witnessed this to be certain, it is possible the rig is simply timing out before finishing the entire save session. Overall, at least at this time, after using the service for almost a week I'd say it's worth the money despite it's issues. I researched cloud services heavily and this is the most affordable (mostly due to the unlimited runtime), readily available service. I tried another service that was more reliable, but also more expensive, and one that, due to having a mac I had to jump through a bunch of programs to be able to utilize. I like the cost and convenience of Snoost, but there are a few less expensive services with the same unlimited runtime and better reviews that are working on expanding to my region or have me on a crazy long waitlist that I will likely move on to once available if Snoost does not continue to improve.

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Game reviewer
#1 January 26th, 17:32
its awesome i love it some peopel may hate it but ignore that so long i play i love it my friends play it too i play it but its awesome but if i achive somebthing its awesome i get the efeeling light boom light pews obut why not

#2 February 16th, 14:33
I love snoost, I think it's better than the others since the time is unlimited and it never crashes on me.

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