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#0 July 17th, 19:10

First impressions

Hi All,

I had been trying liquidsky but wasn't that impressed. I noticed a post about snoost so thought I would give it a go as its a free 3 day trial.

It took a while to boot the virtual pc up but when it finally got there I must say I am very impressed.

I wanted to try out Rust, it installed very quickly, LS wouldn't even load.

When I ran the game I was expecting loads of lag etc.

I picked a high pop server on rust and waited, wow there was no lag, when I clicked the keyboard to move it was spot on and the graphics were amazing.

What a great service, I'm going to keep trying games over the next few days and if they all work as well then I'm defiantly going to be a subscriber.

I'm not that fusted about the boot uptimes as I can go make a drink while that happens lol

Great job Snoost

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#1 July 25th, 15:42
Apologies for the late reply. :)

Thanks for the support. We are working really hard to improve the service, as well as enhancing some of the known frustrations (such as the startup times etc.).

We are happy to hear that your first impression with Rust was great, and especially since the latency has been one of our main priorities, it is definitely a relief to learn that users are experiencing a minimum of lag, enabling the game experience to be as near to native as possible.

Thanks - We'll get back to work! :-)

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