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#0 December 7th 2017, 14:08

Free 1 week

So today i got an email from snoost that if i review a game, i would get 1 free week of gametime. So when i press the power on button in the app/extension, it tells me to put valid billing information so that i could start the free trial??? but i only want my free week.

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#1 December 17th 2017, 00:16
You have to have at least $1 on a credit card in order to start the free trial For security reasons from what I have learned and then go and review a game and get your free week. also, you get the $1 back once your three-day trial ends, Hope I was of help.

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#2 December 17th 2017, 00:41

#3 December 17th 2017, 06:38
:) Happy to help a fellow gamer

#4 March 19th, 04:13
@Macmaster15 Is this actually true, my credit card was billed for the full service.

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