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#0 March 9th 2017, 00:00

How to play any game on any computer

If you own a PC with either Windows, MacOS or Linux installed, as well as a solid internet connection, then this simple guide will allow you to play any modern PC game on high graphics, no matter how powerful your own computer is.

Before we begin,...
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#1 July 13th 2017, 17:53
Hmm. I seem to be stuck at step 4.

  • I've logged into my rig. I get two options: windows or steam.
  • If I click on stream, all I'm getting is a loading screenwith "nvidia gamestream" written on it.
  • if I click on the windows icon, a remote desktop opens. There are several icons and steam is one of them. Unfortunately, nothing happens when I click on the icon.
Am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks, Alex

#2 July 13th 2017, 23:02
@lordalex91 I had similar issues with Steam, you have to close it through the Task Manager, and you can open it normally. But Idk anything about that nvidia gamestream bug

#3 July 13th 2017, 23:49
I have opened task manager now and steam isn't running. Trying to click on the icon doesn't work and neither does on the .exe file on the Z drive within the Steam folder.

EDIT: kept cliking on it until it finally opened. Odd! Now let's see if I can run Mad Max on it.

Last edited: July 13th 2017, 23:52

#4 July 13th 2017, 23:57
Haha good luck.

#5 July 14th 2017, 01:02
It works! Took a while to install and it was quite painful to open it (it crashed the first couple times), but now it seems to be working beautifully (12am here in London so maybe the servers caught a break too).

Haven't managed to make this work on Liquidsky, so +1 for Snoost so far!

Best, Alex

#6 July 14th 2017, 01:17
@lordalex91 IMO Snoost is going to be better than LiquidSky within a couple of months. They're losing a lot of money

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#7 July 14th 2017, 16:27
@agga68 I came from LiquidSky after they upped the price, they have to much problems and i cant justify paying more then 10$ a month for their service, on the other hand Snoost has been great for me.

Last edited: July 14th 2017, 16:27

#8 July 14th 2017, 21:56
@Fanheavy Yep, same for me, it's just expensive for the hours they give you, I think 20$ for 80h on the lowest plan. And I love games, so those hours aren't just enough for me

Showing 1-8 of 8 comments