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#0 February 6th, 14:33

Is Snoost any good?

Just wanted to know since they ask for a credit card to be attached in case you are not fraud (if you want to try it for 3 days).

Is the experience laggy? How is the Latency? Will it be able to run any game on Steam/Origin/Battlenet?

Do they really take money? What about the situation where I didn't like the 3days trial and want to remove my card and cancel it. Do they still give your money back in this case?

Thanks for the answers!

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#1 February 6th, 14:51
Yeah Theres no latency at all for me and its awesome

#2 February 8th, 02:58
Ok, so here is my experience: i signed up, and using their streaming system it was impossible to play, so after some digging i found that using parsec (on snoost rig) is much much better. You have to keep an eye on snoost stream because if that shuts down it might time you out.

I have played about 40 hours of witcher 3 with 40-55 ms ping, I don't feel it, which makes sense because when you play any online video game that is the usual ping (at least for me with LOL for example). I'm playing on the hardest setting which require fast doges and counters and im doing fine.

I tried LOL on it and it was alright, the rig had 20 ms ping with lol servers so add the 50 i have with the rig it was a total 70ms i didn't feel it much (only tried a bot game so not sure).

About the billing issues, there is definitely some kind of problem in that department, when i first signed up, i tried it for 4 hours then read all the **** going on, got scared and canceled my trial subscription, waited 4 days and i did not get charged so i came back. Right now I think it's people's banks that cannot interpret the (full price) pending charge they put on your card (more about this bellow), but that is no excuse for the lack of communication on their side... So my tip would be, keep a close eye on your statement, and if you can, provide a card with only enough money for one month's worth of the service.

Anyway here's a more detailed report:

About the hypothesis that banks are missinterpreting the pending charge: pending charges are a regular thing in service subscriptions, the thing is they are normally 1 euro (or dollar or pound, etc...), Its a way of verifying the card is valid, and has at lest some money on it. So im assuming a full price pending charge is sort of unorthodox, and some banks might "assume" it is a real charge that they need to process.

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#3 February 8th, 04:47
Im kind of confused it says a free three day trial which is what i want to do as my gaming pc broke down recently... but when i add a payment method to get the trial it says insufficient funds... clearly it isnt free then? I have no money and wouldnt start the membership straight away anyway. Just want to see if it is worth getting over spending a lot of money on a pc. But i cant actually do the trial.... Without money? even though its free?

#4 February 8th, 04:55
@MoralPyromaniac Have you read my comment?

... Edit: I'll repeat myself... like i said they place a pending charge on your card, with the value of the subscription, in my case, after canceling the trial the charge was not processed, and so i came back, there are a few people who claim that even though they canceled the trial, they were charged anyway...

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#5 February 8th, 05:08
@WrongMan kinda sounds really dodgy of them to do that no other free trial compamies do that. and as long as you have signed the contract agreement for paying it after the 3 days and they have your bank details they have every legal right to remove the funds from your account. There is no need for a pending charge? so i cant even test it out -_-

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#6 February 8th, 05:13
Im not willing to risk not getting my money if it isnt for me. I struggle to live off what money I have at the moment hence why was looking at this to an alternative solution to gaming.

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#7 February 8th, 08:23
Thanks for the answer, @WrongMan !

I guess I am going to give it a try. But I am going to use the lowest cost settings. If you were alright on hard settings, then I should be good on the 480 thing :) At least I hope so.

Hope it can run Overwatch/Smite/LoL just fine :P

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