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#0 July 10th 2017, 22:48

Linux user

Hi all,

Curious to try this new service out. As a Linux user the only thing i still need Windows for is certain games that only supports Windows.

Snoost supports Linux automatically (I guess) as it is uses a Chrome extension - Clever!

Had no luck in my attempt tonight, stuck on "Starting Windows" But I'm aware it is Alpha stages and will be happy to try it out later.

All the best, Janni, Norway Linux Mint 18.2 64-bit, Nvidia GTX 960 (381.22 driver), Chrome 60.0.3112.50, fibre connection 300mbit

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Rising member
#1 July 13th 2017, 09:37
@Janni Try putting it in fullscreen when its "Starting Windows" that helped me.

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