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#0 November 3rd 2017, 06:46

Startup Times

I would like to know if there are any plans in place to reduce this horrendous loading time. I've been kicked for inactivity due to the extremely long loading times. Not to mention, the display is very fuzzy. I set the resolution to 1280x720 in the nvidia settings but the display is still fuzzy. (I'm on the 720p package) I'm now going on 25 minutes of startup time, and it's still attempting to start windows.

Also, my download speed is 46.02, so I don't believe my internet connection is the issue.

I really want this service to work properly and truly entice me to pay after the trial, but as of now it seems like there's more issues than solutions. So, are there plans in place to improve the loading time? I've only been able to login successful once, and tinkered around in Cities Skylines. I must say, it was incredibly nice to run Cities at high graphics again but I don't want to wait for an hour to get into a game. To me it's more worth it to simply play on medium graphics with my current build.

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#1 November 3rd 2017, 06:54
Update: I was again kicked for inactivity while trying to start windows.

Update: I've cancelled my subscription. Send me an email when you fix your issues.

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#2 November 7th 2017, 12:50
HI Xafius,

Sorry to hear you are encountering these automatic shutdowns. The timer is set to about 20 minutes, and we are aware the loading process can sometimes take longer than this depending on a myriad of factors. We are working on getting a large update through the pipeline that should reduce these loading times dramatically. In the meantime, to avoid these shutdowns, you can wiggle the mouse a few times during the process.

Additionally, if the process is becoming stuck on any one stage, please do let us know so we can investigate.

#3 January 27th, 06:35
I am also experiencing considerable load times. The service is very much appreciated and the technology seems great. But it seems like the storage is being reloaded every time we start up the gaming instance. The load times are by far the biggest issue that would keep me from staying with the Snoost service.

#4 February 13th, 00:21
been kicked for inactivity while playing a game??

#5 February 13th, 15:19
When using gamepad.

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