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#0 July 24th 2017, 08:46

App Idea For Snoost CO.

Hey Snoost Developers , i was wondering , That You Guys Can Make a App or Chrome App Just Like Snoost Cloud Gaming , But Like For Developers or A Cloud Desktop (Personal Cloud Desktop) , because im a c# Developer , and i have a bad laptop , and i tryed Developing on it , but there's no way i can , like i use Snoost Cloud Gaming For Developing , its just i hate the delay on the Mouse and everything. Regards , iTzWavez.

P.S , I'm a huge fan of Snoost Cloud Gaming , I Would Love Streaming On Snost Cloud Desktop , i would use OBS Studio or OBS Classic ;)

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#1 July 26th 2017, 12:04
Thanks for the suggestion. However, we currently have no plans to support other activities than gaming on our cloud gaming platform.

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Game reviewer
#2 September 28th 2017, 22:05
I hate the delay on mouse as well and i think everyone hate it..Great suggestion

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