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#0 August 22nd, 09:06

Changing up the plans

I think the SD Plan should be removed and the price for SD should be put on HD since SD destorys the quality and the looks of the games people are trying to play cause it is just mostly pixelated or completely blurred

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#1 August 23rd, 00:55
I will be discussing this with our development team further, I agree SD is too low quality for the proper gaming experience. We are concerned with balancing cost and quality therefore we'll need to discuss internally whether we can change this.

Thanks for the suggestion!

#2 August 23rd, 06:33
Thanks i hope it can be changed since lower pricing and better quality can lead more people to come which can be bad/good

Game reviewer
#3 September 28th, 21:59
I dont agree with this...i this SD should remain there for users that dont have a great internet conection

Showing 1-3 of 3 comments