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#0 October 17th 2017, 16:44

"I'm here" button

I was expecting my download of GTA V to finish while using my local desktop, as I have an ultra wide screen, I can leave the Snoost open in the foreground and out of nowhere Snoost started shutting down for "inactivity", could have a "I'll turn it off in 3 minutes" Yes, I understand that it was inactive, but until the download is complete, now I have to wait 40 minutes for the machine to connect again! :(

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#1 October 17th 2017, 17:15
This is actually a really good suggestion! Especially since some users use Snoost in different ways, and have various reasons for maybe being inactive for a little bit (e.g. while waiting for a download to finish).

We're also working on some updates which will speed up the startup process, so hopefully these will help reduce the installation time as well.

Game reviewer
#2 October 18th 2017, 02:12
That's it! Thank you Rune.

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