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#0 June 29th 2017, 04:08

Large amounts of disk space for some of the more popular games.

Currently the service offers 60gb of space which is awesome. But for those wanting to play games like ARK GTA 5 BDO, one specific call of duty title and Doom 4, are all too large for this service. Being able to pay an additional amount would be awesome for more storage space. I feel this is especially important for the growing size of AAA games that many players want to play but likely aren't able to due to their pc performance yet also don't have the space at snoost to do it either.

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#1 July 5th 2017, 09:23
@Bobs Increasing disk space is one of our top priorities, and we are working on achieving this in the near future. Stay tuned on the blog to be the first to know when Snoost gets improved in this regard.

#2 July 23rd 2017, 22:58
@Bobs yes, I would love to have at least 100 gb to play DOOM and BF1 with DLC.

#3 July 23rd 2017, 23:53
I would love to have at least 500GB.

#4 July 24th 2017, 08:48
i would love to have 600GB.

#5 July 27th 2017, 12:23
@RuneDalton Do you have a timeline for this?

I just bought Doom not realizing it would be too large. If it's only a long term goal I might as well get a refund on the game.

#6 July 30th 2017, 04:05
@RuneDalton Do you have a timeline for this?

I just bought Doom not realizing it would be too large. If it's only a long term goal I might as well get a refund on the game. - Aeluro
Hi Aeluro,

As soon as we have a concrete timeline for the update we will let you know. Keep your eyes peeled to the "news" and "community" sections of the website!

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#7 September 28th 2017, 22:03
We definitely need more disk space

#8 October 20th 2017, 22:32
Yeah I would like to second or 3rd this. The thread seems to have died but Ark would be a huge driver for folks to pick up the service. I signed up for the trial only to find there was not enough room for Ark :-( I had planned on demoing the service on my youtube channel but with the current space limit that's just not possible.

I know several couples that play together although they only play one at a time because they only have one high end computer. Ark is still a wildly popular game in spite of mistakes by Wild Card.....Snoost is missing out on a pretty decent chunk of marketshare by only offering 60gb of space. Very cool concept...could open a lot of doors for folks once this is addressed. I have not checked my install yet but just the base game "The Island" is 109gb. Not sure what it is with Ragnarok and Center maps. If the mods are curious Ill be happy to look and post.

Just my thoughts.

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#9 October 23rd 2017, 09:26
@EazyHax At the moment one of our highest priorities is expanding disk space for users. If all goes well, you will hear something about it in the near future in our official announcements.

As we are still looking into the potential options, we are very open to feedback. So it would be lovely if you would check how much space the game takes up :).

#10 October 23rd 2017, 20:52
@Leed Howdy Leed, The base game is 110gb(The Island). With the Ragnarok/Center/Scorched Earth the total size is 113GB. They have yet another expansion coming out....well when they finish it. I would guess 120GB of space would be enough to run ark comfortably.....future expansions in mind. Massive game...I know but its deep. Ragnarok is by far the most popular map. Have yall thought about dynamically allocating drive space? Maybe for some of the more popular games that are big you could run them as a all VMs are basically using the same copy. Again just my thoughts... Thanks for responding Leed!

#11 January 22nd, 01:48
Hey here is a suggestion regarding this, i feel like HDD space is more valuabe than bandwith, so your payment plans could instead of beeing based on stream quaity be based on HDD space.

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