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#0 July 20th 2017, 10:13


Do you consider it feasible of migrating to the G3(m60) instances of aws in the future? I know it would be more expensive but just wanted to know your thoughts plans about this :)

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#1 July 23rd 2017, 11:27
Great question. As a general principle, we are always looking into new opportunities to upgrade the hardware, server infrastructure and any change to the cloud gaming service, which could enhance the user experience or allow our users to play games more smoothly or at higher graphics.

AWS is currently our main provider, and we are therefore already testing several other products available on their platform (and even a few which aren't available yet), as well as working on some more independent solutions internally. Whenever something (such as a new server type etc.) becomes feasible, both from a user and operational standpoint, we will work quickly to add support for it. As with all new implementations to the game streaming, a thorough testing phase will have to take place before we commit to launching them publicly.

As always, any news regarding upgrades etc. will be announced here on the website when they are ready. Thanks for the interest. I hope the answer was sufficient. :-)

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#2 September 28th 2017, 22:20
Current gpu is great man

#3 September 28th 2017, 23:42
hey great gpu dont need a better one but i do ask will you be updating graphics cards it need update's :)

#4 September 29th 2017, 09:16
hey great gpu dont need a better one but i do ask will you be updating graphics cards it need update's :) - rigga
A lot of our development goes into improving both the software and the hardware, and we are constantly looking at a variety of options for upgrading either. Whenever an opportunity to upgrade hardware (such as the GPUs) makes sense in terms of user experience, pricing, infrastructure etc., we will undoubtedly pursue that.

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