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#0 February 14th, 07:32

Re-Install games after closing cloud

I am currently having an issue with Fortnite Battle Royale in that every time that I close the cloud rig I have to reinstall the game when I am ready to play it once more. I have downloaded it to steam and to the correct place on the rig itself but it is not working.

Before signing out it would be nice if there were a checklist that could be done to make sure all games downloaded would remain upon return to the rig. Just as a second measure to prevent any unnecessary hiccups.

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#1 February 17th, 23:07
Until any big changes are in place I think it would be best to just leave it open if you can. Also make sure it is being saved to the D: drive.

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#2 February 17th, 23:09
Nevermind, I noticed the inactivity kick. Hopefully an update comes out.

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#3 February 18th, 04:32
@MrCurtisJ The same thing happens for me; However, if saved in your D drive, the continents are still there. Along with the executable. But the shortcut, for launching the epic games launcher is gone. Or at least i dont know where the executable is. Id read this

lmk if u have any luck bc im experiencing the same thing

#4 February 18th, 19:12
Are you shutting it down correctly? To close it I tab out to my desktop, quit and restart Snoost, then hit the Turn Off button and let it run through the checklist.

As for the launcher, I had that problem with the Origin launcher. Make sure everything is on the D: drive including the launcher, since the only things that carry through (at least for me) are the contents of the Downloads/Documents folders and the D: drive.

#5 February 18th, 20:50
It has happened to me once in one month, losing everything on the D drive and user folder. This can happen if the rig loses connection to the backup server which should be a rare occurrence.

Ps: also has nothing to do with you, nothing you can do.

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#6 February 21st, 06:29
Hi guys. I just wanted to let you know that we are working on addressing this issue in a couple of upcoming patches. It's not always related to one specific event, but as @WrongMan says it also only happens in are instances, when the server gets an unexpected interruption during backup, shutdown etc.

We completely understand the frustration when this happens, but will be focussing on debugging and improving the backup procedure in the upcoming patches. Any details that might help us troubleshoot or reproduce the problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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#7 March 4th, 23:58
@RuneDalton Thanks for understanding

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#8 March 9th, 02:01
Thank you all very much.

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