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#0 December 5th 2017, 01:20

Support & Cloud Rig setup for startup/stream issues

I appreciate what is being developed toward the unique look and feel of the Snoost extension. It has different benefits depending on the game played as well as the immersive full screen feature Parsec lacks.

However when large volumes of users are having issues getting connected to rig streams through the extension this is the way your support should work when someone is unable to game:

Support should offer a backup especially for subscribers to connect to our cloud rigs and set up Parsec auto start/login. This backup should be along the lines of a low fps remote like popular web based options. A emergency setup line support can intiate and approve for setting up Parsec in worst case scenarios possibly with limited timeout.

Moving forward allow all cloud rigs the ability to autostart Parsec on setup as configured or start Parsec when Pairing issues are detected enabling us to use our rigs with Parsec when we would otherwise be in literal gaming blackout.

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#1 December 5th 2017, 01:24
Maybe even as a special start up mode that connects to a slower web based remote for this setup that support can start. After we would be able to start up the cloud rig as normal with the extension and use Parsec etc

#2 December 5th 2017, 01:56
Something to consider anyway! This is a harsh review but as it stands right now support moderators often offer casual suggestions or advice that is far behind what actual users are experiencing and sometimes hilariously impractical. Action and alternative abilities is personally want I want from support. I think it would also be helpful for new and maintained Snoost users like me too. Detached troubleshooting is way too limited and realistically inferior to functional workarounds when available. It's a lot to ask from all users to repeat ineffective troubleshooting steps let alone embrace all the early aspects of a cloud service. Some of us don't mind, but we've had good experiences with Snoost that lend patience. I really worry when support doesn't have the ability to offer a workaround to let someone game when odd pairing issues occur. In addition having no ability to seems contrary to what is actually expected as a subscriber from many who have posted in troubleshooting recently.

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Showing 1-2 of 2 comments