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#0 August 24th, 20:33

The ablity to use ALT-TAB etc etc

Not sure how this would work, but the ability to ALT-TAB or press the windows key while in my rig would be great.

Sometimes I get stuck on a loading screen and since I can't alt-tab I get stuck there and have to restart my whole rig.

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Rising member
#1 August 25th, 19:43
I agree and/or a way to send the ctrl-alt-delete command.

#2 August 26th, 09:51
This is a great suggestion. However, there are already a few shortcuts which will "unlock" your cursor so that you can resume other tasks on your computer.

The shortcuts can be found simply by pressing ESC while in game (they will show up in the bottom right corner), and include ways to minimise the stream, quit the stream (and game you are currently playing) and unlock the cursor so you can ALT+TAB on your own computer.

I hope this helps. In any case, it seems like we need to work on where the shortcuts are located and how to use them.

Showing 1-2 of 2 comments